News From The Week Ending 2-13-15 (Tom Hardy, Dave Bautista, SHIELD, and More)

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This week we have casting news on David Morrisey, Emily Kinney, Tom Hardy, Jaimie Alexander, Blair Underwood, Luke Mitchell, Drea de Matteo, Dave Bautista, all having to do with projects like Agents of SHIELD, Extant, The Flash, Suicide Squad, & Highlander.

spider-man coming to mcu - movie news

As you may or may not know, the biggest news in the superhero genre is that Sony and Marvel have come to terms with allowing Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If that seems confusing, that Sony is allowing Marvel to use their own character in their own Marvel movies, it is because many moons ago Marvel sold the character rights to Sony so that Sony can make movies with the character. My presumption is that Marvel did not conceive the premise of an incredibly successful movie franchise with their characters, since historically, comic book movies weren’t always the best performers.

So Sony has had the exclusive right to make Spider-Man movies, thus, not allowing Marvel to use the character. But now, it seems that Marvel has bribed their way back into being able to use the character in their films. And that’s good because Marvel has proven they can create entertaining content and Sony has proven they can do origin movies over and over and one or two ideas for stories and then, pffft! They’ve been killing the web-spinning franchise.

Character rights can and are a pretty tricky situation.

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Dave Bautista in 'Riddick'

Dave Bautista Lands a Cool Gig in a Remake

A while back I wrote a quickie piece about the great roles we seem to see Dave Bautista land, and play out very well.

Now word on the street is that Dave Bautista has landed the role of ‘The Kurgan’ in the remake of Highlander. Yep, yet another remake. But so far this project is still in development as they look to cast Connor MacLeod. Ryan Reynolds was attached but backed out.

Also, Bautista has landed the role of an assassin in the upcoming Bond movie.

Busy guy who is fun to watch.

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Drea de Matteo in Desperate Housewives

Drea de Matteo, Mitchell, Underwood In SHIELD

Sons of Anarchy alum, Drea de Matteo, has landed a new role in ABC’s Agents of SHIELD as Karla Faye Gideon. What’s possibly more important is that the character of Karla may be a connection to the Daredevil series starting up on Netflix, since she’s had a bit of history under that franchise title in the comics.

SHIELD returns on Tuesday, March 3rd and it will be good to see Matteo on TV again since Sons of Anarchy went off the air.

Luke Mitchell will be playing a character named Lincoln, an Inhuman on Agents of SHIELD.

Blair Underwood has been tapped to play a very tricky role, one of May’s ex-husband, Dr. Andrew Garner. I can’t even fathom May having an ex-husband! One who lived at least!

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Agent Coulson lives in Agents of SHIELD

AGENTS of SHIELD and The Lady Sif

Jaimie Alexander will be reprising her role of Lady Sif in ABC’s Agent of SHIELD in an upcoming episode.


But rather than a home-coming of a meeting, Lady Sif will be showing up with loss of her short term memory. It will reportedly be a humorous episode.


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In other Marvel news, they’ve cast their Luke Cage for their Netflix series by hiring Mike Colter (Halo, The Good Wife, American Horror Story) to play the titular character.


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Tom Hardy and Chris Pine in

Tom Hardy Exits SS…

USA Today reported this week that Tom Hardy has pulled out of the Suicide Squad movie project.

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Beth From The Walking Dead

In case you miss Beth, played by Emily Kinney, you will get a chance to see her one more time on TV when she shows up on The CW’s The Flash as Brie Larvan.

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Speaking of The Walking Dead,

David Morrisey is joining the cast of Extant, in its second season, on Amazon. (Apparently it moved to Amazon after getting dumped from network TV)

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