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ABC Cancels Revenge

ABC announced that they are cancelling Revenge after four seasons. The May 10th episode will now serve as the series finale for Emily’s driven need to exact revenge, which for me, jumped the shark during season three as she ran out of people to set up and take the fall for the death of her father.

I loved the premise of showing up with oodles of money from some unknown source, and taking people out by setting them up to take the fall. It was very “Count of Monte Cristo” like. But as the show went on, it seemed that rather than have an outline of where they wanted to take the story, they were writing the show as it developed.

And for me, it felt like they wrote themselves into a corner as the show went on. It was fun while it lasted but the characters were getting over-the-top for me and the reason for the show faded hard.

I won’t miss it.

Review: Helix on Syfy

Syfy Cancels Helix

Comcast owned Syfy announced that they’re done with Helix and the series will not be moving forward beyond the end of this present (second) season.

The show had a ton of potential fun in it when they were stuck in the secret base out on the Artic ice. But when they resolved that situation in one season, and left that location for “an island,” I was worried it would not be able to hold merit with season one and where would they take the story if the pressure of isolated survivors being threatened, were to move away from that situation?

Apparently it did not hold enough viewers attention, including the 3-day DVR viewing, which many shows tend to survive off of when live ratings aren’t quite up there for advertisers.

Hulu Is Buying Your Attention

Hulu just tied up exclusive rights for a few AMC network based shows, where only Hulu will be the place to catch subscription video on demand (SVOD) versions of Fear The Walking Dead,” the Walking Dead spin-off, and other shows from networks such as IFC, BBC AMERICA, SundanceTV and WE tv.

This means that if you miss the original airing of this and some other shows from those networks, the only place you will be able to see it is on Hulu.

Hulu, which used to be free and then started competing in the paid content channel, is looking to contend with Netflix in the after-market and other entertainment venue. This network is owned by NBC(Comcast), FOX, and DISNEY-ABC.

Avengers Age of Ultron Captain America broken shield

Agents of SHIELD Tie-In Seemed Weak

Maybe next week it will mean more, but there was supposed to be a huge tie-in between ABC’s Agents of SHIELD and the new movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron coming out here in the U.S., this weekend.

If what I saw in the episode were those tie-ins, THAT WAS WEAK! Or at least not as exciting as I would like to have had it been.

I’m going to address the episode tie-in moments and something Coulson said, and could be considered spoilers if you have not seen the episode yet.

Plus, I’m going to venture a guess about the episode tie-in and a scene from a preview clip from Age of Ultron.

Proceed at your own risk:

So a psychic InHuman predicted in one short moment that there is a staff of power (Loki’s) and that there will be a robot world and we are all doomed. More or less, Raina’s vision, while at the InHuman spa and resort, echoed the story line from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

On top of that, there is this secret initiative (Theta protocol) going on that Coulson knows about, and after having a conversation with Maria Hill, it is determined that they will have to call in the Avengers.

That was it.

To be honest, I was hoping or expecting much more than that, and maybe there will be. In this last episode our heroes attacked a Hydra station located out on come icy location. Now if you recall one of the preview clips, we see the Avengers team hurtling down an ice covered hill, attacking bad guys.

I wonder if those two events are bridging the gap between the show and the movie?

Well, we’ll see, right?

Lionsgate Moves Power Rangers Release Date

Lionsgate has pushed the release of the new Power Rangers live-action release date back half a year. What was originally scheduled for July 22, 2016, now POWER RANGERS will be released on January 13, 2017.

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