Nick Fury Out of Cap 3, X-Men and Fantastic Four Out of Marvel???

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Marvel Comics Nova Character

In the last Captain America (and other Marvel movies), Nick Fury has been a big part of the underlying story. And to some degree, you expect to see him pop up from time to time in most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films

But now word on the street is that Samuel L. Jackson will not be appearing in Captain America: Civil War, which is due out in theaters on May 6, 2016.

And he is not sure what happened, considering that at first he was being told he was going to have a role in the film. Which is odd, considering how many other folks are in it. Though there is conjecture that since he only has two films left with his Marvel contract, they might be saving him for the last two Avengers films… while not having to fight out a renegotiation with the actor.

Either way…

This is just one more piece of disenchanting news coming out of the Disney/Marvel camp.

Over the last few months I’ve been seeing bits and pieces about how the hostilities between Marvel/Disney and the character rights holders of the Fantastic Four and X-Men have been seemingly growing.

The rumor is this:

Disney/Marvel has a mandate coming down from billionaire and Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter in regards to eliminating these two franchises from their inventory.

This includes putting an all out stop on products of any kind for both the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Period. Several game, souvenir and other product makers and distributors have confirmed the ‘stop orders’ from Marvel.

I guess someone pissed him off.

What I have been seeing over the last few months is how Marvel has dropped their Fantastic Four comic title, yanked X-Men products (as I noted earlier) and even killed off Wolverine recently. Think about it, how much product came out for X-Men Days of Future Past?

And to get around some legal restrictions, they (Marvel) have been mucking with their mutants, or, to be more exact, de-mutant-ing some characters.

I point that out because when 20th Century Fox bought up the rights to make movies with the X-Men, they snagged all kinds of unique character world rights, including mutants. Or natural born mutants, who have the gene deliniation that makes them stand apart.

If you take a gander, all of the recent Marvel films have featured non-mutant heroes. They have either been powered by god-given talent (Black Widow, Hawkeye), science (Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America) or they are of a godly creation (Thor, Loki and his kin), but there are no natural born mutants.

But then you ask, what about Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver? They are mutants, right? They were.

Not any more… Marvel made them “‘created’ in a lab” from Loki’s “spear” so they are no longer technically, natural born mutants. They even went so far as to release a new comic with their “new canon,” so to speak. (Prequel comic to Avengers: Age of Ultron)

As far as the Fantastic Four is concerned, Fox has yet to make a good FF movie, but they’ve been slowly losing the support of Marvel for this franchise, despite it being one of the older, original franchises from the house of Marvel.

Again, if you look around, you will see that there are very few products for this franchise and with their comic title cancelled and buried by Marvel, they only have the movies to work with, standing alone with no comic book tie ins and I’m guessing, toys and the like either.

So while Fox owns the rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four, we will never see a Marvel film spotlighting them. They can’t.

The final nail in that coffin…

In case you didn’t hear about it, Marvel has released a new Marvel Universe Character Roster poster, and you will not find either of these two franchise character sets in that poster.

2015 Marvel Lineup:

2015 Marvel Character Roster

Compare to the 2013 Character poster

2013 Marvel Character Roster


So Fox is out there on their own with these two franchises. To be honest, they better get their chit together and start cranking out EXCELLENT stories.

They seem to have reignited the X-Men franchise with their little time travel stunt, but it has yet to be seen if the Fantastic Four film will do anything for that franchise, despite, according to rumors, how different the characters origins will be in this new film, versus the comics.

Disney is playing hard ball…

And all this has aggressive behavior has come to light since Disney bought and took over Marvel. I get Marvel wanting their character rights back so they can make more GOOD movies with these characters, but to be an asshole about it like they are seems pretty shitty. I mean back in the day, they couldn’t make a decent movie to save their life and they decided to cash in on the characters by selling off rights to the characters to movie studios. Now they’re completely going back on their situation.

My guess is they want those rights back, bad, and the only way to help that happen is to pull the rug out from under the rights holders, weakening their stake in the chance for the studios to profit from their character rights.

I guess Disney is hoping that if they can’t make money off the rights these other studios (OK, Fox) have purchased, then maybe they’ll let them go?

spider-man coming to mcu - movie news

I think Sony saw some kind of writing on a wall we don’t see, since they let Marvel get their fingers around the Spider-Man character… and the very first thing Marvel did? They will be rebooting Spider-Man… heck I am not even sure if it will be Peter Parker any more, but that’s fine. Sony sort of wore out that angle with their spate of Spider movies.

Beginning in July 2015, Marvel will be premiering their new, all-different Marvel Universe… much like when DC went with that New 52 or whatever it was. One of the new facets of this new Marvel world will be the Avengers, whose line up will include Captain America (Sam Wilson), Thor (Jane Foster), Iron Man, The Vision, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Nova (Sam Alexander), and Spider-Man (Miles Morales) on the team.

Wait… what? Yes… you read right… Captain America is now being embodied by a new guy, previously The Falcon, and Thor is Jane Foster… they changed up Thor’s gender a few months ago… remember, it’s who that is worthy to hold the hammer. I’m super happy to see Nova in that list, and check out that new Spider-Man!

Crazy huh? Well, behind all the fun of the movies we go to see, there is a slew of legal teams fighting it out left and right to “protect” their client’s investments and plans and plots for the future.

MY GUESS, is that some of this is driven by the movie world. If you can slap a woman in Thor’s helmet, good luck Chris Hemsworth in negotiating contract renewals! You no longer have a foot to stand on if the comics character is a woman, so you either play nice or your character gets changed. But that is my take on this, from the outside, looking in.

Hell, you think this is crazy? You should have seen the huge fight between the descendants of the two guys who created Superman. Each family owned different parts of the character. That is until the need for money had them sell the rights back to Warner Bros., who totally made out in the end.

But these are just a few examples of the technical noise that goes in in the background of the movies or TV you watch.

I’m guessing at some point, there will be a consumer strike from the demographics of these two Fox produced franchises and they’ll stop supporting Marvel/Disney, but to be honest, they have a big fight ahead of them. Disney is a very smart and shrewd business entity and they would not be doing this unless they had a plan in mind that they can win.

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