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Ninja Assassin became available to me and I’ve been wanting to check it out.  It was directed by James McTeigue and written by  Matthew Sand & J. Michael Straczynski, I had some hopes.  It starred Rain and Naomi Harris.

The film summary is that it’s about a young ninja who turns his back on the ninja-clan orphanage that raised him, leading to a confrontation with a fellow ninja from the clan.  (It was actually the entire clan)

The story is a feasible story as we’re treated to present time and past-tense scenes.

The Ninja had effects. Yes, they had magical effects at times, which just didn’t seem to sink up with the rest of the story, but hey, they’re Ninja’s, right?

It wasn’t extremely compelling though, but it passed as a reasonable time killer for me.

Most fight scenes were under the guise of darkness so most fights were suggestions.  But you could always tell when a blade hit someone.  It seemed that every single blade strike dispensed about 2 liters of blood in the air.  It felt like a Frank Miller movie with how the blood was emphasized in such a needless fashion.

If it weren’t so dark in most of the fight scenes, I think the technical aspects of the fighting would have appealed to my experience, but alas, I had to pretend to fill in the blanks as to how some of the contact was made.  Eh.

1-10 Scale math time:  lots of dark scenes, (-1), redonkolous amount of blood (-1), it was the usual martial arts film that didn’t give me much more than a regular television movie might (-1),  I can’t say I wasted my money, but I would have rather spent it on something else (-1).

10 less 4 gives it a 6 out of 10 though I have to say that Rain does make a great martial artist, looking good doing it.

In comparison, 11,655 votes over on IMDb averaged 6.5.  There ya have it!  I do have to add that despite JMS’s involvement in the film, I can’t really imagine he added a lot to the film.  Maybe that’s why the story was a tangible one, JMS patched it up from what he had to work with?

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