No 5th Season for Heroes

by on May 13, 2010

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Slusho is trying to warn Matt Parkman that Heroes is Cancelled

Slusho is trying to warn Matt Parkman that Heroes is Cancelled

If you’re a Heroes fan, you may use whatever super power you have to stay calm, because it looks like NBC may not be renewing Heroes for a 5th season. The noise is that Heroes might return as a TV movie or two to help fans have some closure. (Though no one has touched base with Tim Kring on that one!) [Update 5/14/10: See update at the bottom of the article]

Now the question is how? If NBC does this closure bit with a few 2-hour movies, will they be rushed closure plots, or properly done. And at least it’s been broached that they’ll give the fans closure. Unlike the abrupt non-closure treatment fans got when the Josh Duhamel starrer, Vegas was dumped, in mid-cliffhanger.

But one thing’s for sure, if they do the closure plots, I’d look elsewhere for the writing. Bring in fresh blood with new perspectives. A new angle that’s different from the same oversight that has helped kill the show’s ratings.

For now, no one on Heroes has the power to resurrect themselves from primetime fade. Bummer, because that would have been something to see!

But for now, it looks like Heroes is canceled.

Update 5/14/10.01: It’s official: NBC has canceled Heroes.

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