No One Dies in Sci Fi: Why Ashley Magnus Can Still Be Alive in SANCTUARY

by on July 13, 2010

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Emilie Ullerup

Emilie Ullerup

I don’t want to be accused of burying the lead so I will tell you now if you do not already know. Emilie Ullerup has confirmed in a recent interview that she has not been contacted by the producers of Sanctuary on the Syfy Channel. That means that the first ten episodes of season three of Sanctuary have been shot without the return of Ashley Magnus.

There has been a lot of backsliding lately by Amanda Tapping and the other producers and they have begun hinting that Ashley died.  I am here to tell you that Ashley Magnus did not die.

How can that be? We saw her die when she tried to teleport while the EM shield was up. Teleporting while it is up is certain death. That is a physical law of the series reality and the writers cannot violate that law. However, if the EM shield was off during the moment that she teleported then she is still alive. I know that it was and I can tell you how and why.

I contend that the creators and producers did not originally intend for her character to die and they created a back-story that left a way out. Why they are being stubborn, ignoring the fans and refusing to use it is the only mystery.

Start with her supposed death. I am sure you are familiar with the term corpus delicti. It is Latin for show me the body. Without a body, there is no concrete proof that she is dead. The evidence is circumstantial. The coffin was empty.

Count the bodies! Including Ashley there were six super abnormals. Helen killed three with Tesla’s improved ray gun. Three left.

A male super abnormal was in a fight with Druitt. As the shield was about to be activated he teleported to the mainframe in order to stop Henry, Will, and the Big Guy from restoring it. The moment the shield went up, he teleported and instantly vaporized. Why did he try to teleport? Remember these beings have all the powers of the five and more. That means super intelligence. Dana ordered his sacrifice as a distraction.

That leaves two, Ashley and another female. Remember, Henry is still in control of the shields and the super abnormals are telepathic. Ashley would know when the shield was up. The Cabal only had two warriors left. Dana would not order them to teleport to certain death. We have been led to believe that Ashley knowingly teleported to her death taking the other one with her to save Helen.

Sanctuary - Amanda Tapping as Helen Magnus

Amanda Tapping as Helen Magnus in Sanctuary

Let us skip ahead to ‘Eulogy’ for just a moment. During their search of the Sanctuary, they find a burned body embedded in a wall. Helen determined that it was not Ashley. It could only have been the female abnormal that Ashley teleported away. The arm Ashley was holding when they teleported was sticking out of the rock. If the shield was up, there should have been no body. If the shield was up, she could not have been teleported and materialized inside the wall.  If she was not vaporized, then neither was Ashley. The only conclusion is that the shield was down. Where is Ashley? Where did she go after disposing of that abnormal? We have accounted for every abnormal but Ashley.

Wait a minute you say. In order for that to happen, Henry Foss would have to have turned off the shields. He had to have faked the data. He was the one running the systems at the time. Are you suggesting that he was working for the Cabal?

That is exactly what I am saying. I do not think he was doing it anymore willingly than Ashley. He may not even have been aware that he was doing it. The Cabal had perfected the ability to control abnormals.

The evidence that points to Henry is too compelling to ignore. Henry was in charge of the computers and the security. He was the person who changed the protocols because Ashley’s capture compromised the existing ones. Yet the Cabal was able to circumvent them everywhere but the U. K. Sanctuary. Henry did not work on the EM shield at the U.K. Will worked on those shields after his reunion with the invisible girl.

The super abnormals possessed the power of telepathy. I do not recall any of the five claiming to have that power. Even though the invisible girl was invisible, they were able to locate and kill her. When Ashley and two others teleported into the Main Sanctuary, they walked right past where Henry was hiding. One of them stopped and looked in Henry’s direction and then turned and kept walking. They found an invisible girl with telepathy but left him because he was hiding under a cart. That only makes sense if they were under orders to leave him alone.

If you accept that Henry was under the thrall of the Cabal, many scenes that never made sense become clear. The main Sanctuary was about to be assaulted yet Henry was not ready for the outside hack. He was not where he needed to be to reboot the computers and get the security systems back on line. He left his laptop in his room and Will had to go retrieve it. I know that Henry’s character is supposed to be slightly absent-minded but it strains credulity to believe that he would be so incompetent at such a critical time.

Sanctuary -  Ryan Robbins as Henry, Amanda Tapping as Dr. Helen Magnus

Ryan Robbins as Henry, Amanda Tapping as Dr. Helen Magnus in Sanctuary

The most obvious time that the Cabal got control of Henry was the same time that they got control of Ashley. They were both captured together. We saw no more of what they did to Henry than we saw of what they did to Ashley. If they controlled Ashley, then why not control Henry? How the Cabal controls the mind of its victims is never fully explained. They just do. In the aftermath of Ashley’s return and Ashley’s theft of the ancient untainted vampire blood, no one even gives Henry a second thought. Am I the only viewer that was left wondering why Henry was not examined after it became apparent that Ashley was under the control of the Cabal?

I believe that the Cabal got control of Henry, several episodes before that. Henry convinced Ashley to go to the Cabal headquarters. He led her into the trap.

First, I want to point out a device used by writers of mystery and suspense. It is used so often that when it is done it is a signal to the viewer that there is something happening, hidden for now, that will be revealed later. The device that I am referring to is that of having all or part of the action occur off screen. We are only presented with part of the story. It is like a magic trick as explained in the classic film The Prestige.

The three basic elements of the classic magic trick: The Pledge (set-up); The Turn (the trick itself) and The Prestige (the reveal).

We know we are being set up (The pledge). We accept the trick (The Turn) because that is part of the viewer’s contract with the writer (The Magician) and we are awed by the reveal (The Prestige) even though we are expecting it.

The season one finale was done that way. Ashley and Henry are captured. The Cabal does something to Henry and Ashley. They let them escape. The finale ends when Ashley steals the blood and teleports away to meet Dana Whitcomb on Rapa Nui. This left us to wonder if Henry was brainwashed too. Questions never answered.

Here is my complaint. If the writers are going to pull that trick, finish the trick. Complete the reveal. Honor the contract with the viewer.

They fail to deliver at every turn. For example, when Kate Freelander is first captured and interrogated, Helen and Will step outside for a moment. Kate works her feminine wiles on Henry. We are supposed to believe that Henry is that naive.  Come on. Then Kate frees herself off screen. She overpowers Henry off screen. She makes her escape off screen. A gratuitous use of the set up if something else is not going on.

Later, when Kate calls Dana to ask for her payment, we see lasers light up her shirt. They only open fire when she jumps out of the car and hides behind a wall. As the character of Kate Freelander would say, “If the Cabal wanted you dead you’d be dead.” Yet, she escapes off screen and shows up at the front door of the Sanctuary easily getting past the “lame” security with only a bullet wound in her leg to make her appearance believable.  Why did Dana spare her? Did she make a deal off screen?

So let us go back to the episode ‘Warriors’ where I believe this all started. The Cabal is experimenting with turning humans into abnormal soldiers and with mind control. Helen discovers her father, Gregory (Jim Byrnes) sleeping off a drunk after a fight. Obviously, the Cabal planted him there. In fact, the writers drive that home when they have Gregory call Dana. This is the conversation:


How are things at the sanctuary?


Magnus is coming along just fine. The asset is in place.


I’m happy to hear that.

Gregory says Magnus is coming along fine. He isn’t talking about himself, then who? Helen? Ashley? It is never explained. An asset is a person in television spy lingo. Who is the asset? I suspect Gregory did something to Henry to make him the Cabal’s asset.

Helen discovers the bug planted at the base of Gregory’s neck and removes it. This bug was what was supposed to be how the Cabal maintained control. The only thing the bug seemed to be able to do was stop its victim from fighting the control by inflicting pain. How the Cabal controlled them and the bug was never explained because it was not the whole story. They were able to control Ashley at the end of season one without the bug.

Something occurred off screen, but we are never told what it was and it was never referred to again. One last bit of mystery, Gregory tells Helen that he has to leave because if he stays, he is a danger to her. The writers leave us with the belief that somehow the Cabal still has control over him. Why give us the set up and then never complete the trick?

‘Warriors’ was episode 10. The finale, episode 12 ‘Revelations Part 1’ begins with the Cabal releasing the Lazarus virus in the Yukon Territory. The important facts about the virus are that it is not spread by person-to-person contact. It is a weaponized prion only viable for four hours after it is dispersed. After the team becomes aware of the outbreak, John brings the remains of the Cabal’s dispersal bomb to the Sanctuary in a biohazard container.

Later, Henry finds an unbroken vial of the virus in the remains of the bomb. He is working on it in a biohazard lab. Helen tells him to be careful. He replies jokingly that he is an expert with those grappling things at fairs. It isn’t long after that the Big Guy comes down with the virus. Helen comments that maybe it entered on John’s clothes. However, the writers made it clear that it was only viable for four hours. It did not come in on John’s clothes. Dana asked her assistant if they got the virus into the Sanctuary and he replies that they have. Why did they show us this conversation? The only way that a viable virus got loose in the Sanctuary was if someone released it. Henry was the last person to have access to it.

Of course, Henry does not have to be under the thrall of the Cabal. You can come up with other reasons for him to drop the shield for Ashley and then cover it up. Nevertheless, it would explain many of his actions, which seem to be more than mere mistakes.

I keep waiting for the third act and it never comes. The cruelest deceit is that after three episodes into season two the story is dropped. Everyone accepts that Ashley is dead, despite the evidence, and we get ten episodes without our favorite character. We are denied the gratification of seeing the Cabal destroyed. It is all done off screen leaving us to wonder if something else happened that we will be told later. Chris Heyerdahl has to have the special effects people put blood on his character, John Druitt, to imply he has been killing the Cabal.

At first, Amanda Tapping answered the outrage by laughing and saying, “Everyone needs to just calm down. No one really dies in science fiction.”~, “She won’t be back in season two, but we are pitching an idea to bring her back in season three.”

Emilie Ullerup in Sanctuary

Emilie Ullerup in Sanctuary

Despite what the producers say now, Ashley Magnus is alive and they need to bring her back because the show suffers without her. Only a blind and devout sycophant can deny it.

They need to bring her back to finish the story they started, complete the reveal and honor the contract with the viewer.

I conclude by using one last quote from “The Prestige”.

You wouldn’t clap yet. Because making something disappear isn’t enough, you have to bring it back. That’s why every magic trick has a third act, the hardest part, the part we call “The Prestige”.”

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Ginny September 21, 2011 at 3:43 pm

I first started watching for the Nikola Telsa bits, then I saw the first episode, hearted Ashley, and watched the first season all the way through.

Then Kate Freelander, human trafficker, came along, and ruined everything.

I’m going to get the DVD when I can find it IRL (I srs dislike buying things online), the first season, other then that, I’m only going to tune in if if for Nikola, or any of The Five, and will be skipping over all the Kate the annoying and FILTHY slob human traffiker bits.

Andreas June 21, 2011 at 2:55 am

I just watched the episode when Ashley died (Behind, I know ;D). I was incredibly shocked and after reading this it’s comforted me a little. I’m still having my mind blown by the fact that this show, that I’ve loved so far might not ever be the same. And I really feel emotional about that right now.

Bruce Simmons September 7, 2010 at 4:31 pm

I hate to be the bearer of bad news Lisa… , though at the moment, it seems ‘broke.’ Sigh…

Lisa September 7, 2010 at 9:57 am

I respect the fact that you adore everything about this television show and wish to voice your opinion about that. What I don’t agree with is yours and others attempts to silence people who don’t agree with you. You said “take your thoughts elsewhere”? Honey, this is elsewhere. This is an article on a website that isn’t affiliated with Sanctuary in any way.

There will always be people who don’t like the same things you do. My advice would be to stop looking for negative opinions if you don’t want to see them. Look on the bright side, at least no one has started a site like sgusucks yet.

MichelleL September 7, 2010 at 6:35 am

To VeraZ: By realism, I did not mean that the abnormalities featured in the show were indeed real. You had me wrong. I meant REAL as in how the characters tackled those sorts of things, and also by the fact that the producers steered that idea in a way to change our perspective of things. Usually, we’d like to think of the Abnormals as monsters. But Sanctuary help to define those issue a bit more, and expand on the fact that not all things Abnormal are monsters in nature. That idea within the show is a fresh, especially for a sci-fi show.

Though I understand all the valid points on how S1 is seen as ‘better’ than S2. But really, how so? Both seasons were outstanding in their own rights. Just because Ashley died, did not instantly make the show horrific or go downhill. Whether you continue to watch the show or not now, does not matter to me. But turning you’re head away from such a show because of that fact, really defines how shallow a person can be.

I do love the fact that they still honor Ashley even after her death. How many shows can you say still stay true to those characters who are long gone? Not very many, especially in sci-fi. There have been many hints in S2 of how much she is missed.

Characters come and go. But the show continues on. That goes for every other show. How many shows have you stopped watching because of your favourite character getting the axe? In that industry, you can’t please everyone. So turn your head as you will, but if you dont like the show, stop whinging about it and move on. Take your thoughts elsewhere. Those who adore every aspect of this show, are loyal, and do not need such pathetic personal outburts

At least I can say, I don’t just speak for myself. I consider the opinions of other fans. Those who criticize this show, are not fans at all.

Bodil-Amanda September 7, 2010 at 2:55 am

she is a part of the show, but to bad she is not longer on her mom’s side…..

Christian September 6, 2010 at 4:16 pm

Didn’t like Ashley. Glad she was gone.

Bodil-Amanda September 3, 2010 at 1:37 pm

I miss her but i love Helen More but she misses her girl…
But i hope she wil come back one day….
I love this show and i have benn Hockd on it for a wail now….Can’t wait for seasen 3 and i hope she wil be there than or some times….
Ashely come back 🙂 miss u:)

Tesla_Twin September 3, 2010 at 11:34 am

I don’t get why you feel the need to critize the show AND it’s authors/producers just because you’re not happy about what they did to your fave character. If you don’t like the way things go, just stop watching the show!

And DO NOT critize the producers, because they are doing an awesome job, they got enough awards to prove it, and their actions with Sanctuary4Kids are a proof of what awesome and generous people they are!

I fully agree with Rocky89. I think he explained what I wanted to say well enough that I don’t feel the need to say it again.

But don’t talk crap about people you obviously don’t know, please.

VeraZ September 3, 2010 at 10:24 am

Here are a few of my thoughts and reactions to previous comments.
MichelleL: Honestly, it just brings more depth and realism to the show. —Realism???? There is nothing remotely resembling realism in the show, which makes sense since it is science fiction including abnormals, telepathic mermaids, people teleporting and vampires. The show isn’t about realism and someone teleporting into an em shield doesn’t add realism.

MichelleL: And I refuse to see Kate Freelander as an ‘Ashley clone’, because i’ve always had faith in her character from the start. I never doubted her for a second, and I was even more intrigued how her story arc played out on S2. — How is it that you “have faith in her character” when the character sells human beings for medical experiments, feeds people to predators and shows no remorse for any of it? Did you have faith in her heartlessness, her utter contempt for common standards of decency? Did you never doubt that she was self-centered, money hungry criminal? Well neither did I and I find those things contemptuous. BTW no amount of “Oh my childhood was so bad” makes up for those things. A little jail time, the rejection of her by the mother of one of her victims, who happens to be portrayed as a paragon of decency in the treatment of all life forms, and her total repentance to said mother would be a start. None of those things happened. But I do agree with you, she is no Ashley clone. Ashley was a daughter fighting for her identity within the confines of her mother’s world.

MichelleL: Not watching the show because of a single character’s death (yes, I accept it as a death, but i’m not changing your opinion), is actually quite immature and stubborn. — And refusing to see beyond “the death” of one character and to recognize that some of us reject the broader changes in the show, is quite immature. You state you like the changes. Great!!! Enjoy the show. I don’t like the changes and so I don’t watch the show. I do NOT however, give up my right to discuss those changes. I will do it, ad nauseam if I so choose,

hsmith: I enjoyed the Mother/daughter relationship with Helen and Ashley, the storylines with the cabal and the five, were excellent, but those storylines are gone now. The whole dynamic of the show changed from season 1 to 2. — Absolutely true.

Nothing that Tim, Lisa, hsmith, myself or others critical of the direction of the show has said is untrue. They are opinions.

MichelleL: And the fact that you are debating about this, still, really irritates me as we near Season 3. — Why would it be irritating, who is it affecting? Those who like the direction the show has taken are going to be unaffected by the comments. Those people who are viewing the show for the first time in the marathon on scifi, have a right to know that season 2 is completely different from the first season. To be honest with their viewers scifi should have shown some episodes from season 1 and some from season 2. To show season 1 episodes to lead into season 3, and none from season 2, tells me the network saw season 2 as less than successful.

Hsmith: But I am glad that I watched season one because it helped me discover such amazing actors as CH, JY, and EU. CH and EU both have new projects coming out this year, and I would love to visit JY’s theater to see a live performance.

I couldn’t agree more. It was a pleasure to see CH and JY in new roles. I had never seen EU before and I am grateful to have been introduced to the actress. I look forward to seeing more of all three of them in different projects in the future.

hsmith September 3, 2010 at 4:13 am

I agree that the contridictions from DK, MW, and AT were the final nail in the Sanctuary coffin for me too. Like someone had said before, I would have respected them more if, like how Startgate Atlantis handled their cast changes, they had just said right from the start, that they had no intention of ever bringing Ashley back.

The contridictions from them not only made me feel like I was being strung along, but it also makes me question anything the three of them would say in the future.

I was not a fan of season 2 at all, I did not care for the direction of the show. I enjoyed the Mother/daughter relationship with Helen and Ashley, the storylines with the cabal and the five, were excellent, but those storylines are gone now. The whole dynamic of the show changed from season 1 to 2. And since most interviews seem to indicate that season 3 will be much of the same as season 2, Sanctuary is no longer the show for me.

As far as AT’s charity, I think that is great. But the charity and the show are two different things. And while I respect AT’s charity, and I truly do, it does not change my feelings regarding the show and how things were handled this past year. After all of the contridicting information that we have been given this past year from AT, DK, and MW, as I said before, it makes it hard to believe anything they say.

But I am glad that I watched season one because it helped me discover such amazing actors as CH, JY, and EU. CH and EU both have new projects coming out this year, and I would love to visit JY’s theater to see a live performance.

Rocky89 September 2, 2010 at 8:41 pm

To Michelle: Thank you, and VERY well. 🙂

MichelleL September 2, 2010 at 8:16 pm

First off, Tim, i’d like to thank you for putting in time and effort to come up with such a detailed argument. Really, I am. Very intriguing, I must say.


As a big fan of Sanctuary, what i’m about to say is not because i’m a avid fan myself, but because I am entitiled to my opinion and what you had just said, is the most farfetch’d idea I have ever had the misfortune to read. I’m going to come across as mature about this whole thing. I do like the argument you have proposed, and I do have to admit it was an interesting read.

But frankly, I think the claim is ridiculous, and the fact that you are bashing such a complex show, is really quite insulting to the fans. I do respect that many are ‘outraged’ by Ashley’s demise. But come on, if they intended to elaborate on her death, then they would have. Not to sound totally morbid or anything, but I think they sumed up her death quite well. I for one, did not see anything wrong with it. Not all death has plausible reasons for being, but it made the show even more interesting. I mean, putting aside the fact that it is a science fiction show, how many character deaths have you seen with a demise like that? Or any show with a character who’s body has just ‘magically’ re-appeared. Any other suggestions that she is indeed alive, is disregarding the effort the cast and crew put in for countless hours, into the last moments of Ashely and Emilie.

Honestly, it just brings more depth and realism to the show. So her death wasn’t ‘final’, but not every death has to be. I loved Ashley as a character, and those final episodes really summed up who she truly was. The last thing we saw of her, was not her Abnormal side taking over, but the daughter that she was. That, was what made her death more special. It did not need anymore explanation than that. If you cannot accept that then, Tim, then you don’t deserve to be a Sanctuary fan at all. And the fact that you are debating about this, still, really irritates me as we near Season 3.

It’s not like Ashley has been forgotten after all that time. The show still honors her in so many ways, and as fans, we are constantly reminded of her loss. And I refuse to see Kate Freelander as an ‘Ashley clone’, because i’ve always had faith in her character from the start. I never doubted her for a second, and I was even more intrigued how her story arc played out on S2. And i’m glad I stood by that character.

Putting the blame of Henry, when you put it in that context, really irritates me to no end. The Cabal always intended to control Ashley from the start. Henry was just a bonus. From what I made of it, they wanted to bring out Henry’s Abnormal side, like a test-subject himself. Not control him to the extent that they did with Ashley. Sure, they wanted to convert Henry. But in his ‘torture’, it opened up and introduced his story arc even more in S2, and ultimately, S3.

And don’t get me started on the whole references to the Prestige and magician’s tricks…I totally agree with Rocky with every bit of his argument. I mean, come on. You can apply that magician’s concept with any sci-fi show, or any other show for that matter. Whatever Damian Kindler has instore for us, then as fans, we will accept whatever comes. If Ashley does not return, then so be it. I’m not going to have a hissy-fit because she’s a no-show, and i’d be happy if they keep referencing her, which is in honor of the character. Otherwise, if she makes an appearance, then that’ll be great too.

Not watching the show because of a single character’s death (yes, I accept it as a death, but i’m not changing your opinion), is actually quite immature and stubborn. If you are keeping going to poke holes in the show, then I suggest you watch something else. Your farfetch’d, dramatised arguments are actually pretty insulting. And this is coming from someone trying to see from all points of view, but yours is difficult to accept, Tim.

Tim Miller September 2, 2010 at 4:02 pm

Did you watch the show? Do you read anything but your own comments? Read the script. Ashley did not die. Also, Read the quote from Damian Kindler where he explains that her death wasn’t supposed to be final “The intention was to never kill her off with any finality”. Damian also said there would definitely be an Ashley story. Amanda made several statements last year about Ashley coming back in season 3.
They said it only to deflect the anger from themselves when they wrote Emilie out of the show.
So, they were lying when they said it. When someone lies to me, that person loses my respect and trust. I begin to wonder what else they are lying about. The bit about not being able to come up with a story is another lie. They could easily write her character back in if they wanted because she didn’t die. Her death was always in question. It wouldn’t be some cheap science fiction trick.
I cannot believe anyone associated with ‘Sanctuary’ would even use the excuse ‘cheap science fiction trick’. The whole show is about ‘cheap science fiction tricks’. Giant spiders, invisible women, mermaids, and teleporting vampires aren’t ‘cheap science fiction tricks’. Come on!
That is not a criticism. Remember, I used to like the show. I probably still would or would again if…..

Rocky89 September 2, 2010 at 10:00 am

Just when it seemed things were dying down, leave it to you guys to come back and start all this again. Here’s a quote from a review from TSE:

“…a fan asked about Ashley, and whether or not Helen will have any more kids. Amanda immediately said that there will probably not be any more children for Helen, and then she went on to discuss Ashley, and the fact that she will not be coming back. Apparently they had discussed the options for Season 3, and how they could do it. She went on to say that Ashley died a heroic death, and to bring her back by some means of some scifi trick would be somewhat cheap, and I have to agree 100%.”

The reviewer, who is a pro fan, btw, agrees with what Amanda said, and so do I. I don’t miss Ash, but I do miss the mother/daughter stuff, but some of you think that’s all what the show was about, you are wrong, it is about a lot more than just one character. I for one will be very excited S3, and so will many true fans, we will always support them and all they do. You want to blame the wrong people and be in the anti fan category, fine, we know AT, DK, and MW are good people, and are in no way the people you seem to want them to be.

Lisa September 1, 2010 at 1:28 pm

Great work Tim!

I think you’ve figured out how the arc was originally going to play out. I believe that the fallout from the Cabal story and Ashley story were intended to be the focus of or at least a major arc in season 2. Unfortunately instead of taking that route, Kindler decides to create a shell of the original story that seemed to focus on the least interesting characters of the show. Why he would want to purposefully break a successful and interesting show is anyone’s guess, and no I don’t believe that the “network” had anything to do with it. He said it himself: “They (the network) didn’t really want changes in cast. They loved the cast, they loved the concept, they loved the idea and the design.”

In a frantic attempt to deflect any blame that might be pointed at Tapping, Rocky has kindly pointed out almost every article or interview out there with either Kindler or Tapping assuring the fans that Ashley will be back. The word that Kindler used was DEFINITELY. There is a video of Tapping from March of this year saying “everyone needs to calm down, Emilie will be back in S3.” People choose to ignore these statements, or blindly defend the people making them but to me when you are in the position that DK and AT are in, you need to watch what you put out there or risk being called out on it. THEY created their own drama about both the removal and the return of Ashley and now I think the honorable thing for them to do is to publicly announce that the character is gone and will not return. Especially since Tapping admitted to fans at the SE that Ashley would not be in s3 at all.

Regarding the charity work, good for them. It’s a wonderful thing to help children. Does it change my opinion of the way they’ve handled this? No.

Gary August 31, 2010 at 7:02 pm

Always looking for hints that Ashley might be back, I haven’t watched the show since she left, so I am not sure what is going on…I just hope you’re right.

Tim Miller August 12, 2010 at 4:30 am

Damian Kindler’s use of the word ‘definitely’ fooled me. It positively, clearly and definitely did.

Martina August 11, 2010 at 9:40 pm

Coudln’t say it better Rocky89 🙂

Rocky89 August 11, 2010 at 11:19 am

There never was a promise to bring Ashley back, just that Amanda and others ‘have an idea.’ Just because he said they have a story/idea, does NOT mean it is a guaranteed thing. I for one have a plan/goal to make it to CC next year, but that doesn’t mean it will happen for sure.

I really do not know how anyone can think a group of people are bad when they just raised a crap load of money for kids in need, I’ve told friends about people like you, and they think it is awful the attitude you have, but they do think it is wonderful of what team Sanctaury is doing for the kids.

Rocky89 August 11, 2010 at 11:06 am

You are something else, Tim.

Bashing the cast, crew or show is not going to get them anywhere at all. What makes them think that AT/DK/MW are going to respect the views of people who are so intolerably rude to them, those and a project they care deeply about.

I think that Ashley’s ark with the cabal and her subsequent death brought more to the Ashley character and the show in general then her character ever did while she was alive.

I also don’t personally understand the comment about missing the mother/daughter relationship. What mother/daughter relationship Again that was explored in more depth on Ashley’s death then it ever was while she was alive. Helen has had more meaningful conversations with Kate then she ever did with Ashely. So perhaps it was the missed potential that they miss.

Kate is definitely not an Ashley clone. She is an interesting and well rounded character with a depth of character development already to date.

As for the person who wrote that article commenting on the majority of fans hating the split screen affect, I for one love it. And being that it is in s2 it is most likely just one of the differences they choose and decided they hated.

But at the end of the day Ashley was one character, and I personally can’t fathom how people can watch a show for 13 eps when the soul reason for doing so is one character.

And as for the comments that the show is doing badly because of the decision to kill Ashley, I ask how can a 20 episode S3 possibly prove anything other then that the show is thriving. How can the numerous awards the show and cast has been nominated for prove anything other then that their peers see how far the show has come.

And how can people say that those who created S4K and who gave their time for TSE are not decent people. I have never cared about the behind the scenes aspect of a show before Sanctuary. The love and devotion of Team Sanctuary is one of the things that I love about the show.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but they are not entitled to bag decent people. Just don’t watch the show. I for one am extremely disappointed about SGU but the only comments I have made online are to outline my grievances and ask for those who like the show to explain them to me. I actually had civil conversation going and people actually thanked me for being so thoughtful of those who like the show while trying to get some answers.

Team Sanctuary is just that a team. They care about those they work with at all levels and treat everyone as a valued member of that team. But despite this if stories weren’t working out with Ashley they are under no obligation to keep her on especially if that call came from SyFy. Do the Ashley only fans expect TPTB to risk the entire show over one person, it’s not realistic and dumb. They could never have made S4k and helped all those kids who now will have a better life. AT and DK have mentioned that it was a hard call, Amanda said she cried filming the last scenes and they have both said if there is a way to include Ashley in a story without cheapening her death they are all for it. Which I’m personally glad of because I hate the reset button. And having a charity attached to the show is something that they are looking at encouraging all sci fi shows to do. It’s an honourable goal.

I can’t wait to see what s3 has in store for Kate. And if the longer s3 and all the nominations to date is any indication Sanctuary has a long future ahead of it. I also don’t think that EU would appreciate people attacking those of Team Sanctuary in her name. She knows she is in the entertainment industry and that jobs come and go. Some people seem to be trying to suggest that she is saying in interviews that things weren’t on par. But at the end of the day the timing allowed her to focus on her health.

A lot of people here are trash talking a wonderful show, and they’re being babies about it. Sanctuary raised over $90,000 for sick, and homeless kids, and a lot of people here still choose to bash them because EU left. These are GOOD people, if they were so bad why would they even start S4K, and raise all that money to support all those charities?

I don’t really care why EU, but at least everyone on the show dealt with it with class, which is more than I can say for the EU fans. I find their behaviour outrages and disgusting, especially you and Badinfluence. They want to boycott a show that many fans that I know of love, and a show that raises thousands of $ to raise money for homeless kids? And why would you want to help them do that?

Anyone who tries to hurt and bash this show are fools, and by attacking the show, they are hurting the true fans as well, and the kids who will have a better life thanks to them.

Tim Miller August 11, 2010 at 7:55 am

Nope, don’t think I am over thinking it. The entire script is available on line if you want to check my facts.

But I’ll let Damian Kindler’s words speak for him.

“Once we know for sure about a third season, there is definitely an Ashley story in there that we’re developing, and I think it’s very true to what we’ve done with the character,” Kindler said. “The intention was to never kill her off with any finality. It was always to kill her off in a way that was dubious at best and fraught with inconsistencies and fraught with mystery and isn’t completely solved even when they have to put her to rest and move on. I didn’t want to milk that horse more than three episodes. I think that gave that arc its due, and then we had to move on to business as usual. We only have 13 episodes.”
Source SciFiWire before it became Blastr

Martina August 11, 2010 at 12:33 am

You know what ? You are thinking too much. It’s sci-fi show.
If they want they can do everything ! Yeah I can’t ignore the fact but still be honest did you ever see show or film without mistakes ? I don’t … Nobody is perfect.

Meagan!? July 30, 2010 at 9:46 pm

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! The way that you thought like this was utterly clever, and I couldn’t have worded it any way. There is no way that the writers can ignore a claim such as this one. I am (exactly at this moment) watching Revelations part I and I see everything falling into play. Henry, tricking her, them falling into the Cabal’s trap. So easy, yet difficult to spot. Brilliant, keep it up!

-Meagan, a now avid fan.^^

CG89 July 26, 2010 at 2:21 pm


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