No Ordinary Family Season Premiere and Review

by on September 28, 2010

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No Ordinary Family on ABC

No Ordinary Family season premiere started up a bit flat but the development of the characters came in stages and by the time the episode is over, it was mostly a great experience and yet, some things came way too fast for a season & series premiere. Regardless, ABC‘s No Ordinary family is a fresh new scripted drama that may give more credibility to a super-powered series!

No Ordinary Family stars

  • Michael Chiklis (Eagle Eye, Spirited Away) as the dad, Jim Powell;
  • Julie Benz as the wife/mom, Stephanie Powell (The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day);
  • Kay Panabaker (CSI, Summerland) as the daughter, Daphne Powell &
  • Jimmy Bennett (Orphan, Star Trek) as JJ Powell, the son.

A Quick Recap

The family goes on a family vacation but ends up in an airplane accident that crashes into a lake with odd green luminescence. As the story moves forward and our characters discover their new abilities, there’s a catch or two. The family is really an ordinary family with ordinary problems… dad has career anxieties, mom is the over-achiever, daughter is a bit of an outcast and the son has learning disabilities. Oh, and the kids seem to not be too happy with the parents.

No Ordinary Family on ABC on vacation

The perfect, normal, everyday family but with super powers. Except dad is like a modern-day Thing from the Fantastic Four, mom is a 700 mph, hot looking version of The Flash. The daughter, much to her chagrin, can read minds and the son, by the end of the episode, would seem to have overcome his learning disability.

The season premiere spends a bit of time quickly introducing us to everyone and their self-discovery of their powers.

No Ordinary Family - Michael Chiklis

Then almost as quickly, Jim embraces his new found abilities and jumps right into the superhero business. But oddly, his first encounter goes not as hoped and later, when he encounters the same bad guy, it turns out he’s also super-powered and almost offs our new hero.

Stephanie embraces her new speed and Daphne inadvertently has her power let her know her boyfriend is cheating on her.

It’s a tough time all around in this new era for the family. Mom and dad embrace the idea of telling someone other than their spouse before telling each other and by episode’s end, there’s already a bad guy who has super-powered evil people under his belt. The problem with this, is that he’s Dr. Dayton King, who is played by Stephen Collins (Blood Diamond, on TV: 7th Heaven). The problem is that he’s Stephanie’s boss. Ug.

No Ordinary Family - Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz

Cinema Static on Brusimm‘s Opinion

At first, I thought the show was just jumping right into things, but slowed down to a digestible pace that panned out nicely in the back half of the episode. When Jim’s first criminal foe turned out to be a Nightcrawler type super powered bad guy, I groaned, thinking this was too quick for this! Though I must admit, it was a good altercation that didn’t seem cheesy.

I groaned again when I find out that there’s an organization behind the bad guy. It felt like that was way too fast to try and deliver a nemesis organization for Jim, and I presume, the entire family to deal with. I would have preferred to see them deal with regular, little fry first as they develop their abilities and deal with their family issues to boot.

With a score of 2 groans, that isn’t bad. It’s a bit worrisome, but I’m hoping that the show doesn’t artificially pump the story along to try and keep viewers interested. Pushing the pace of a story to catch eyes is a long-term pill of doom. So please, keep it organic, keep it fresh and keep it real between the family. That’s what I’m asking.

Will I be tuning in again to No Ordinary Family? Yes, indeed. I look forward to more episodes. It already feels like the cast has their character legs under them and that’s a unique thing to see in a new series. It can only, I hope, get better from here.

PS: Did you notice that I DID NOT compare it to anything before it on the silver screen or otherwise? Sure, I could have, but that would be too easy to do. … I’m just saying.

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