Norwegian UFO Lights Riddle Resolved [Thoughts]

by on December 11, 2009

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The UFO mystery lights over Norway that baffled and confused people the world round, have been explained… or more to the point, have been fessed up to!

The Russian Defense Ministry admitted to the nighttime fireworks as a failed submerged launch of the 3rd stage of a Bulava missile. Well, to be more accurate, they fessed up to the failed launch, but would not confirm that the free light show was their doing. Other military analysts put the rest together.

The spectacular failure was fired from the “Dmitry Donskoi” nuclear submarine… and as I would like to conclude, not from aliens or a failed sleigh test by Santa.

I surmised in my previous article that it was a failed rocket… surmised from what I saw and my experience with observing lots of rocket launches.

There’s a bit more detailed reading on the matter at CNN if you’re interested.

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