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avengers age of ultron- GROUP

Today’s chat notes talk a tiny bit about Doctor Who, the Prometheus sequel, Wil Wheaton getting cancelled and apparently I had a ton of notes about upcoming Marvel projects, mostly, about The Avengers sequel, Age of Ultron.

Doctor Who

If you’re wondering, yes, Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi will both be in the upcoming Christmas special.

And that Moffat seems to be getting more accepting of the online world and the tube, especially when he saw that their online spinoff, Pond Life, pulled in six million views.

Prometheus 2

OMG, I just saw some GREAT news about Prometheus 2… production will have to be delayed while Ridley Scott scrambles to make an earlier release date for the movie called The Martian.

It’s not that I hated Prometheus. It wasn’t horrible. Unless you count scientists acting like uneducated morons, people operating on themselves, people running in the same direction as that of a giant giant wheel rolling after them (no, don’t turn left now) and being confused about if this cluster was a prequel or not.

No… it’s just that now we have a scientist and a disembodied android going off to the planet populated by the same creators who seemed hell-bent on smiting all of Earth from existence. Then again, the scientists were f*ing stupid to begin with, so sure, let’s go from the fire into the frying pan.

Other than that, it was OK.

Where was I? Oh, so right now Fox does not have a release date set for Prometheus 2.

Wil Wheaton’s talk show on Syfy has been cancelled, after only 12 episodes.

To be honest, for a filler, it wasn’t a bad show, with the exception of that crap Skeletor bit. But Syfy told Wheaton that the show did not have enough viewers tuning in. Which is sort of sad when you see what viewers are tuning in to.

Wheaton said on his blog how he tried very hard to get the Syfy (AKLA NBC, AKA Comcast) executives to understand how they could help the show survive.

But alas, it was not to be.

And for a short hit, I was thinking that he could have had a good rif show, had he spun it right.




Rumors about the upcoming Ant-Man movie are becoming more rampant. The latest one is that Janet Van Dyne will be dead in the story line. And that another character, Cassie Lang (Giant-Girl) will be in it.

Who she’s portrayed as, whether it be as Giant-Girl or as just the character who can or could become her, like we see too often in Marvel films, will divulge itself over time, barring the teaser interviews film makers give out.

The Avengers

avengers age of ultron- THOR

This could be considered a story spoiler for the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron (Avengers 2, or A2). But now that I know it, well, you can decide if you want to know it. Or this could be a rumor that a scapegoat has been used to disseminate.

Either way, it’s being said that at the end of The Avengers 2 or in Captain America 3, Cap will be assembling a new Avengers team, though who will be on the team, has not been divulged or are not fully cemented.

But if you ever read the comic franchise, The Avengers consisted of different members at different times. So if true, this keeps with the comic feel. And being in how the Marvel Cinematic Universe is close to but not quite on mark with the comics, it’s anyone’s guess how the movie world will evolve.

Online guesses suggest Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Captain (Ms.) Marvel, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch.

avengers age of ultron- BLACK WIDOW

If rumors that are suggesting we won’t be seeing Black Widow at some point in future films have any weight to them, then Ms Marvel would be the required eye-candy for fan boys.

There were some slight rumors that Katee Sackhoff was in line to play Ms. Marvel… but she’s squelched those rumors by later saying she is not in talks for that character. Then again, remember when J.J. Abrams said point blank that Kahn wasn’t in the Star Trek movie? Just saying. (She would seemingly be perfect for the role.)

(The hopes got started when she tweeted she was meeting Stan Lee for something, and wearing red leather. Then she tweeted another pic that didn’t support any of it.

avengers age of ultron- CAPTAIN AMERICA

As far as the next set of Avengers, I have a suspicion that Captain America will be in it. But will it be Steve Rogers… or Bucky Barnes or even Sam Wilson?

Bucky using Cap's SHIELD

Bucky picked up the mantle of the shield in the print franchise in the past. Plus these days, Marvel is changing up the Cap title again, with Rogers super soldier serum fading out and Sam Wilson (The Falcon) taking over the shield. While still retaining his wings for flight. Then again, did you see how well Bucky, or The Winter Soldier handled Cap’s shield when he took it from him and wielded it against him in Cap 2? Clue? Or just paying homage to the comic story line?

Folks in other parts of the web have analyzed movie contracts of the actors, and at present, Chris Evens (Steve Rogers) only has a few films to go, while Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes) has quite a few on his contract with Marvel. It seems to add up. SEEMS.

Then there’s the change up where Marvel has made Thor a new character who is female. These changes alone, could be in preparation for being able to bring new blood into the MCU.

Or not. I could just be guessing out my backside as to why they’re changing up the print characters.

avengers age of ultron- QUICKSILVER and VISION

AND LET US NOT FORGET that The Vision is being introduced in A2. He too can be considered a potential for a new Avenger. In the comics he is. (Oh what a complicated story he weaves.

Jeremy Renner told Larry King that he does not die in A2.

avengers age of ultron- HULK

And then there’s the presence of the Hulk Buster armor in A2. What is up with that? Does Hulk not play nice anymore? does Ultron turn him against the Avengers?

Rumors broke out a few months back that the Hulk will end up being stuffed into a Quinjet and jettisoned into space. Other rumors suggest that he meets up with the Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG), they try to help him get back home, but then this leads Thanos to Earth.

Eh? Sure, that sounds like a nice story line to surmise.

Then of course, if that GUESS is correct, that would support the rumors that the GotG meet The Avengers.

Other Hulk rumors are that Stark creates a pair of pants for Bruce Banner that survive his changing back and forth. LOL.

And in other interviews Mark Ruffalo who plays Bruce Banner has been noted to saying that his character will have a bigger role this time around. (I wonder how Edward Norton feels now, after being such a difficult guy to work with in his Hulk film?)

avengers age of ultron- IRON MAN

Don’t forget that Ultron is created by Tony Stark to help the Avengers squelch evil… until Ultron figures out that if he squelches humanity, the root of the bad stuff, that his mission will be a resounding success. Doh!

Avengers: Age of Ultron assembles May 1, 2015.


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