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by on December 16, 2014

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Marvel Comics Nova Character

I don’t know about you but when Guardians of the Galaxy interacted with Nova Prime, I got pretty excited about that. But only so, because because it triggered good memories of one Marvel Comics character named Richard Rider. And if Marvel buff might know that means the alter ego of Ryder, or Nova, the Human Rocket.

But alas there was no mention of the character (that I noticed) and so I figured I would have to bide my time. But recently Marvel has also rebooted the character on print and now his human alter ego’s name is Sam Alexander.

On Facebook, director James Gunn was engaging some fans on his page and in the context of the conversation he was having, some folks asked about Nova showing up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Obviously since we saw Nova Prime in his movie, that he would be the guy who launches that character.

Gunn said that,

“I don’t want Nova right now because I think Quill being the only earthling is important. That serves the entire movie going audience and not just the handful of Nova fans. Sorry if that upsets you.”

It is telling that he says “handful of Nova fans.” To me that suggests there may not be enough folks out there to warrant a big push for this character. Or, Nova fans are in the minority of numbers.

Later on he said that he has nothing against Nova being in future movies, but the character “does not serve the movie, at the moment.”

As the shared universe of Marvel comics continues on, they have to pick and choose what characters to put out there. It’s about the profit margin first, or which money spending demographic to pull into the theater next. Face it… this is a business.

I’m not saying that with a bad tone or implication. It is just that for the MCU to move forward and continue to give fans great movies, they need to make the money to be able to continue to do it.

Take a look at the Spider-Man movies. The character already had a reboot and then had a horrible story told where Sony is trying to shove out as many characters as possible out of that movie.

Yet despite the intelligent processes being used by Marvel, rumors from the Sony hack point out that Sony dissed on letting Marvel use Spider-Man in an upcoming Captain America movie. (Have you been keeping up with all the Sony Hack press pieces of late? It if fascinating to see the inner workings of a studio.) SO despite their face, Sony is looking to cut off its nose just so they can try to focus on their own monies. (After the hack release, there’s now news that they’re revisiting the premise. To be honest, it can’t hurt to let Marvel juice up the character on-screen for Sony. Can it?

One Can’t blame Sony for their independent mindset, but their track record suggests they need to broaden their perspectives on some of their character rights.

But back on point, and that being, for the time being, we will not be seeing Nova any time soon, so fans will have to be patient. Hey, who knows, maybe he’ll show up on ABC’s Agents of SHIELD!


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