Now That Disney Is Producing New Star Wars Movies, EVERYONE Is Chiming In

by on November 1, 2012

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Walt Disney buys LucasFilms and Star Wars franchiseWow, who’d a thunk? With Disney buying LucasFilms, and the announcement that they will now be making sequels, AKA, Star Wars VII (Star Wars Episode 7), Star Wars VIII & Star Wars IX, everyone and their mother are chiming in on the issue. (Disney is, at the moment, planning on releasing a new Star Wars movie every few years. 7, 8 & 9 will be a trilogy.)

I’ve seen article titles from the 5 best or worse directors, 10 best directors and even the 15 best directors for the new Star Wars movies. There’s a plethora of ideas being floated around out there.

Why the sequels are good ideas, bad ideas, not ideas. Details on the sequels (as they reach for the rumored Lucas notes the movies will be based on) have started flying about.

Hey, it’s the web, traffic is traffic and we all have our ideas. Well, not all of us. Some of us are just the standard entertainment consumer and we’re going to sit back and enjoy the ride. We’re going to hope for the best, worry about what we might not like in the worse, and see what we really get.

But I’m thinking, let’s leave it to the experts to figure things out. (You know, those guys who had enough savvy to raise $4B to make this purchase!) I don’t think they’re going to screw this one up.

Lucasfilm (Star Wars) Sold to Disney

What does seem to resonate with consumer fans is that George Lucas has stepped back (and retired), leaving the Star Wars franchise in probable capable hands. (And Lucas is doing the coolest thing by using a good chunk of the $4B for supporting education in some fashion.)

I can’t diss or agree with that perspective of the franchise being put in capable hands. The man did create the franchise. He just kept rehashing and reworking it “for better or for worse!”

And Mark Hamill even chimed in saying he initially had mixed feelings, but feels the franchise is in a good place now. (Quoting how well Dis handled Marvel and other acquired properties.)

What I am hoping is that it will be a good idea, what Disney does with the new movies. I’ve been a fan of the TV series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network, and to be honest, this animated 30-minute (well, 19-minute content spot less advertising) is pretty riveting. They brought back Darth Maul and done it well. They’ve engaged the franchise characters rather successfully and the battles are not dumbed down for the kids in the viewing audience. Plus it’s awesome to hear a lightsaber light up.

Star Wars movie logo

If Cartoon Network can move forward successfully with a new stories under the franchise premise, I’m betting someone can come up with a good trilogy take takes place in the Star Wars world.

Disney will handle the franchise like they do with all their other services and products they own (it’s a huge list that I looked at, What Does Disney Own?), they will handle the franchise like they do any of their other products.

I’m sure we’ll see SW in theme parks, now, more easily referenced in their TV shows, and possibly stuck in the background of movies or as Easter Eggs. (Disney has fun with tiny little Easter Eggs in all their products actually. Long-time, hard-core fans can attest to that one.)

Will we see cross-overs? Who knows. People are joking (like myself) about Iron Man using a lightsaber, Indiana Jones showing up somewhere, etc., etc..

Who will they pick to write scripts or direct the movies, well, as I like to say, “Time, as always, will be the telling factor.” And no matter what they do, there will be supporters and nay-sayers.

But the franchise is no longer stagnate. It has new life-blood. And now there will be new toys to sell at Christmas time! That, I appreciate. So Lucas now has a $4B nest egg (where part will go to educational philanthropy) and is letting someone else push the cart. I don’t see the downside to this development.

Me… when I sit down to watch the newest movie as the end-consumer, and I come out either pleased or dis-pleased, THAT, will be the bottom line for me.

I guess when Buzz Lightyear said “To infinity, and beyond,” did anyone think he meant Star Wars?

What do you think gang? Are you pleased, happy, worried? Me, I’m going to be very Jedi-like about it. Sort of. LOL.


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