October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, But It Doesn’t Have to Stop

by on October 30, 2011

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The Power of One Against Breast CancerOctober was Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Television networks, movie stars, business and sports organizations and athletes all pushed the awareness factor and pointed fans to the various charitable organizations that donate money to the study and defeat of this affliction called cancer.

Breast Cancer is a frightening term to hear when you or a loved one are being called by your doctor to come see them at their office immediately.

Then your next few weeks are a whirlwind of emotional terror as you and/or your family member is whisked from diagnosis to surgery and the aftermath therein.

We hear about breast cancer.  If it doesn’t affect you personally, it doesn’t have the same impact.  And it’s something no one goes to work and decides to chat about it during their coffee and lunch breaks.

But with breast cancer affecting 1 in 8 women, or roughly 200,000 women a year, it affects everyone around you.  Whether you know it or not.

When a loved one is afflicted and you broke the issue with peers, it’s devastating to find out just how many people one is surrounded by that have been affected by cancer, either directly or a family member of theirs.  But you can also expect an odd amount of either discomfort or outright distancing by others.  It’s OK, it’s understandable.  Cancer is a frightening subject.  I don’t blame them.

No one seems to be immune from the potential of cancer.  1 in 8 women can get breast cancer while it seems that 2 out of 5 people get cancer, in general.

October is coming to a close, but cancer never rests and the research focused on it never takes a break.  It can’t.

Though you might not be affected, believe it or not, it’s amazingly easy how one can help the cause.  I call it the power of $One.

Just one dollar can help.  When 10 million viewers tune into a popular TV show, or 5 million people tune into a sports program and they see an ad asking for a the help of a simple contribution, well, if you do the quick math from my two above examples, if everyone only called in one dollar ,you can see how $1 can go a long way.  So don’t feel obligated to dig deep.  Just scrape from the top.

Whether you contribute to who is advertising on the tube, or an org you prefer or even do business with organizations that sell products whose proceeds from their sales go to cancer research also helps, you know you’re helping and it’s awesome to pitch into a cause and knowing you are helping humanity in some way.  You’re helping your fellow man fight and survive this disease.

I don’t care how, I’m just asking for one person to send one dollar to the organization that you feel comfortable contributing to.


National Breast Cancer Foundation

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Thank you for coming by.  Thank you for at least considering this piece. -Bruce

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