OfficeMax Paper Shredder is a Consumer Fail!

by on July 25, 2011

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A consumer product observation

About 2 years ago I had bought an OfficeMax personal paper shredder. It’s the kind that sits on a small trash can. I used it for a little while and then I sort of retired it to under the table because I’ve been using my fireplace for personal records destruction.

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{Remember, take the few moments it can take, to destroy personal information before putting it in the trash can. Identity theft is ugly enough. Don’t make it any easier on the cretins that commit it!}

It’s been sitting under my table for a while and now that it’s summer time, I thought I’d start using it again.

But to my chagrin, it would seem that sitting still for a few years is very bad for its health. I plugged it in and nada! I tried different things, but nada. Just nada. Completely dead.

Ah well.. say-la-vee! It’s the trash for my shredder. Thought you should know. Do your research before buying anything!

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