Outlaw Production Halted

by on October 6, 2010

in Entertainment

NBC‘s Outlaw, starring Jimmy Smits, already has 3 episodes aired, with 5 more to go. That from what they have already filmed. Production has been halted on the show because the ratings are in the toilet, so to speak.

Outlaw premiered to 5 million viewers in its Friday night, 10 pm time slot and the numbers have been slowly dwindling as it is.

As it stands, production from the Conaco Production company has been halted as the execs watch the ratings numbers of this Friday night telecast series.

Friday night folks… will they ever learn? Sure, some networks extol their Live+7 ratings. Any way to show what looks like good numbers is something we’ll always see. It’s another sales pitch to draw in live viewers. It’s live viewers that are important to the guys paying the bills, the advertisers.

So for now, the live numbers will make or break this potentially next cancellation victim. We’ll see.

[ deadline: outlaw goes on production hiatus ]

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