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Pacific Rim movie news

For the fan of the giant monster/giant robot movie, Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim was a breath of fresh air. And though it didn’t seem to do an amazing set of box office numbers domestically, the higher-priced overseas market helped boost the bottom line of the film to over $400M. This got it to the point of del Toro getting the green light to fire off a sequel to the “aliens from below” movie.

Everyone, remember to thank Legendary Pictures for taking the chance and dropping bucks on del Toro’s vision.

At this time it looks like Pacific Rim 2 will start filming in late 2015, with del Toro and Zak Penn still developing their story/script for the sequel. Plus, they’re plotting beyond the second film with ideas you might see in this sequel.

Even though you might think it is great news, I worry about the idea of an animated series and the continuance of the comic title (that came out as a prequel to the film) as bargaining chips against another movie, IF, the monetary chips take a fall.

But that’s just a worry, nothing more at this point.

Word on the street is that del Toro is toying with the ideas of telling more about the world the Kaiju came from, which might suggest that the bomb that was let loose at the end of the first film may have not obliterated that world, but merely closed that particular portal to our world.

Other hopes, both fan-wise and creator-wise, are that some or all of the the original cast will return to the sequel.

Right now Charlie Hunnam’s table looks somewhat clear for the time frame to commit.  His hit TV series, Sons of Anarchy (Some of the best drama on television right now), is coming to a close.

His next film, del Toro’s Crimson Peak is in post-production, while Guy Ritchie’s Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur is in pre-production.

Seeing that Hunnam went to another del Toro creation gives me hope he’ll stick with him, have reasonable salary demands, and be in the next film.

Rinko Kikuchi has had two films out since PR, with two films, Last Summer and the short Memory of an Artist, finished production, while Nobody Wants the Night is in post-production.

It looks like her schedule is clear… for the moment.

Our two crazy scientists look available:

Charlie Day has one film in production and two in post-production;

Burn Gorman looks free;

While Max Martini has been fairly busy, but mostly as a writer and executive producing for a few TV series.

Clifton Collins Jr. looks like he might have time, with a few films in post-production.

Though Ron Perlman has two films in pre-production, with seven films in post-production, filming or finished at this point in time.  His schedule and salary might prohibit him from making it to the second film.

Unless they figure out how to cure and reanimate his character, Idris Elba ain’t coming back!

BUT KEEP IN MIND, this is all conjecture from the actors filming schedules, as they are today.

For now, it looks like del Toro has far-reaching plans for the franchise, keeping a vision open for things beyond a second film and who knows what.

But I worry that this kind of movie may or may not hold its own the next time around.

It’s technically in the same genre as Godzilla and all the comic book movies, but it doesn’t have the recognition factor or emotional anchors that the other movies hold for movie-goers.  SO del Toro has a bit of an uphill battle to succeed at the box office.

Then again, where I worried that an animated series and comic book could weaken pitches for new movies, on the flip side, they could also help spread the word and the image of the franchise.

But del Toro has proven himself with the first film and hopefully he and Penn can crank something out that resonates with the fan base and genre-based fans that haven’t quite caught on to it.  Then again…  it would be awesome to see a cross-over with Godzilla now, wouldn’t it?  (No, no no… don’t get too excited. Godzilla is a Toho creation and the two giant monster movies probably can’t “cross streams” in a movie.)

Pacific Rim 2 is scheduled for an April 7th, 2017 release.

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