Paranormal Activity 5??? And The Spin-Off, Are Approved to Go

by on October 22, 2012

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Paranormal Activity 4

I’ve been seeing split opinions on Paranormal Activity 4 from it’s opening weekend, last weekend. As far as I’m concerned, the filmmakers are so out of touch with the magic of the first two or three films that 4 was a cheap shot at taking advantage of the franchises popularity.

And I’m not alone, as IMDb users are chiming in with rating of 4.8 out of 10.

Like I said in my movie review of Paranormal Activity 4, it’s going to take an awful lot to get me to see a fifth movie or the spin-off coming out.


Paramount, in keeping with the cost controls of making the movie on a shoestring budget of around an estimated $5M, made $30M (domestically) off of the opening weekend, and you can’t bat an eye at those numbers, that’s for sure.

And so it’s been reported that Paranormal Activity 5 has been greenlit for a Halloween 2013 opening. And, the Latino-based spin-off is also approved.

Christopher Landon (Disturbia) who’s been with the franchise since the second film, will be directing the spin-off.

The word on the street is that the spin-off is aimed at the demographic that’s been most supportive of the franchise and will be partly filmed in Spanish. (This is like REC‘s English duplicate, Quarantine)

But with the same talent behind the spin-off and I presume, the fifth installment of the franchise, I’m almost certain to be done with this franchise.

In Paranormal Activity 3, the previews had scenes in it that never showed up. Answers were promised, and they weren’t delivered. In PA4, it was more of the same, with moments that you never saw where they fit into the movie because they were cut from the theatrical release. And rather than tension, they used cheap camera shocks to startle the movie-goer.

No, I’m going to have to hear about some fantastic early previews of the next movie for me to ever consider returning to the theater or VoD experience.

For the record, the first two Paranormal Activity movies were wonderful, tension filled, scare movies. You can’t touch them. The third one was almost just as good, but with each successive sequel, producers have to get tricky and start coming at the movie-goers in different ways.

But Paramount is pushing for cheap production costs and the return on the dollar is unavoidable to miss. So I understand the premise of more movies being approved for production.

And that’s where we stand, where Paranormal Activity will continue to be a financial success while the franchise joins other franchises like Halloween and Nightmares on Elm Street.


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