Parenthood 4th Season Premiere

by on September 12, 2012

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Lauren Graham, Jason Ritter, Mae Whitman and Mark Cyr in Parenthood, a season premiere review

Parenthood returned for a fourth season, and yes, this is one of my “guilty pleasure” kind of shows.  You caught me.  The fourth season premiere saw a few developing situations that will definitely keep fans on their toes.

Here’s a few of them, so spoilers are abound below!

Amber slept with a musician who had hired her uncle’s studio to record tracks… but when dad finds out, he boots the band from the studio.  That can’t be good.

Ray Romano joins Parenthood and they took no time in inserting his character into the mix as a photographer that Sarah lands a job with.  He seems interested in her.

Ah, Joel and Julia’s adoption.  This is going to be the early challenge in the family structure series.  They’ve adopted a 10-year-old and he looks like he might be a rebellious sort of youngster whose been in the system and is carrying a ‘tude, from whatever past he carries with him.

Then there’s the newly married Crosby and Jasmine, as they suddenly find themselves thrust into the aspect of having to talk to their son about religion, since Jasmine’s mother over-stepped her boundaries and brought this issue to light in their family.  There were some good points about family in this moment.

This is classic Parenthood…  no excessive drama.  Just family issues and how things are dealt with in a day-to-day set of events and how a close-knit family deals with them.

It’s good to have the Braveman clan back on the tube…  It looked iffy with the ratings being on the fence like they were last season.  We can only hope they pick up just enough to keep it going.


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