Parenthood’s Powerful Episode Highlighting Breast Cancer

by on September 25, 2012

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Monica Potter and Peter Krause in Parenthood - breast cancer awareness

Parenthood is coming up this Tuesday with what promises to be a scary and eye catching episode highlighting the insidious impact of breast cancer.  The above image is from tonight’s episode titled “Everything is Not OK.”

Having had a family member go through this, it hit hard at the end of last week’s episode and we’re looking forward and not, to tonight’s episode as they deal with the implications of a breast cancer diagnosis, and how it will impact the family.

It’s a numb whirlwind of events the entire family goes through.  Trust me.  It’s like being on a roller coaster in a thick fog and not enjoying the ride because you really don’t know what the next turn coming up is going to do to you.  And it’s screaming along at a rate of speed that is incomprehensible.

Breast cancer impacts 1 out of 8 women and if you were to ask around, you’d be surprised just how many women in your life have been impacted by it.  Sure, we don’t go around asking about it.  But when my family went through it and I spoke with people, well, almost everyone I talked with had been impacted by it in one way or another.

It’s a dark, silent companion you carry with you.

It’s not as invisible as you might think it is when you ignore it.  Cancer alone impacts 1 in 3 people in one shape or another.  And when I looked up the causes for getting cancer, one of them was time.  Just time.  That shocked me.  And it should shock you.

The Power of One Against Breast Cancer

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