PARIS HILTON Sued For Wearing The Wrong Hair

by on August 12, 2010

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Every now and then I need to venture into the realm of the gossipy star. In this case, Paris Hilton. She’s being sued by Hairtech International, who is seeking $35 million in damages for Paris wearing the wrong hair extensions in 2008, amongst other things. I know you’re shaking your head, but hear me out.

This goes along with an article I wrote about Embedded Marketing where products get placed everywhere, from scenes in TV shows & movies to music videos. It even includes when stars get paid for tweeting on Twitter.

This embedded marketing extends to beyond the range of the camera and stars actually get paid to where and use specific products. Paris Hilton doesn’t go to parties to just go, she gets paid to show up and bring the notoriety with her.

In a wayward moment of 2008, she did not wear Hairtech International’s extensions, in which she was under contract to do. They’ve estimated that they lost over $6 million in revenue due to that and other deeds and acts she’s done, or not done.

Sit down for this one: They were paying Hilton $3.5 million to wear their product while she was out partying. (Like I said, stars get paid to party.)

The specifics of the lawsuit actually addresses the premise that “her traitorous accessorizing as being directly destructive to its Hilton-spotlighting marketing campaign.“ She also missed being at a party in 2007 she was supposed to show up wearing their hair thingies. (This was while she was in jail.) And at one point, her hair “was facetted with competitors’ hair extensions.” Whatever that might mean.

It’s an ugly world when you can’t even keep up with your $3 million contracts to just go out & party! Sheesh.

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Charlize Theron Lawsuit

In a similar scenario that made it to the headlines, back in 2008, Charlize Theron settled out of court while under the duress of a $20 million lawsuit because she wore the wrong watch at a 2006 function. Theron wore a Christian Dior watch while under contract to wear Raymond Weil watches.

Like I said, it’s a crazy world gang!

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