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Tis that time of year, with the holidays upon us. Christmas shopping is in full swing and you are more than likely on the go! Some folks may be shopping from home, via Amazon and other cool places that make everything pretty easy…

Amazon Holiday Shopping

And through it all, though you may mean well, there’s still aspects of life where you have to pay attention to your own personal security!

There are still entire hoards of shoppers descending upon shopping malls still. And while you’re on the go, there are others out there, looking for victims to take advantage of, and the last thing YOU want, is to have your holiday season screwed up because someone else shops via lock picks and poor life-planning.

One of the statistical increases that takes place are thefts from automobiles during the Christmas shopping season.

I received an email notice from the San Mateo County alert system that outlines a few things someone might do to help alleviate the chance of becoming a crime victim.

1) Dont leave items in plan view in your vehicle.

This is something I see all the time. Too many friends of mine have had their $200 windows broken out for dirty diaper bags and stupid things like loose change sitting around. One year someone broke out my own window, and took a crowbar to my dashboard so they could steal my pull-out radio.

The San Mateo email notice goes on to add items to consider stashing out of site when shopping are

“docking ports and chargers. Unplug these items, remove them from your dash or windshield and put them in you glove box. This goes for cellular phones and their chargers.”

2) Think ahead. Dont park, get out and put items in your trunk.

That’s a good point. If you’re already at the mall and parked, you might as well be advertising what you have in your trunk if you put things there, after you arrive.

The SMC alert pointed out that

“… once youve walked away they simply defeat you door lock, find your trunk release and make off with your property.”

They suggest putting things in your trunk long before you get to your shopping destination.

3) Lastly, the easiest and most overlooked; simply lock you vehicle!

To me that seems redundant. I don’t trust anyone and when I get out of my car, I ask myself a few questions.

  • Can I live without the stuff I have in my car now?
  • Can I afford to replace what I have in my car now?

But more importantly, do I want to walk home from “here?”

The SMC alert says:

“Criminals pray on the naivety of others. Be proactive when it comes to protecting your property.”

The alert points out that crooks walk up and down the aisles of parking lots looking for easy to spot things and tend to not want to break windows. (Unlike me and my circle of buddies past experiences.)

And I’m always on the look out for folks walking aimlessly through parking lots. I take a pic, then move on to tell mall security or what not.

As the SMC Alert notice reminds us,

“Trust your instincts; report any suspicious activity immediately to your local law enforcement agency.”

It can’t hurt folks.

Hope everyone has a great holiday season with your loved ones and thank you so much for visiting my small corner of the internet. It means a lot when folks come by, share their thoughts or just say thanks. Take care!


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