Pinterest Image Embed Does Not Work (Like It Used To)

by on April 25, 2013

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Why use Pinterest, or How to use Pinterest!

Pinterest Image Embedding Gets Slightly Useless to Some Bloggers with some of its latest updates. It used to be that you could embed your Pinterest image into a blog or blog’s page by going into an option for sharing, finding the embed code, then applying it to where ever you want.


You’re serving an image from Pinterest. Or, more like, you were serving an image from Pinterest. Now the site has made an interesting change that seems to not let you embed just an image anymore.

Sure, you can click on an image, and in the “share” section, there’s an “embed” option.

But clicking on the embed option pulls up a “Button and Widget Builder” page.

On that page, is an “insert the Link” option that you can grab and then insert into your post, on your text insert page.

But rather than an image, you now get the picture at a defaulted mid-sized image, framed in a Pinterest module that makes it look like it’s on Pinterest itself. With “Pinned by” and “Onto” credits below the image.

Pinterest Embed process

If you like just your images served up, it does not appear as if that’s going to happen any more.

But if you don’t mind this new functionality, that in and of itself, let your readers know about your own Pin boards, then you’re going to be OK.

Oh, remember the old days of Amazon, and when you’d insert an affiliate link into the text page of your WordPress post, but when you flipped back and forth, the java text would go away? It’s a flashback to those days!


And then there’s other folks that have noticed that the links change over time for them. When an image is first uploaded, it’s placed in a temp location. But later, down the road, apparently it’s moved to it’s new, more permanent location. I haven’t seen that myself… yet I thought I should toss that out there.

But with these new observations, are new looks and functions.

The pins are larger on the site itself, the “re-pin it” button (which I was quite used to) has become just the “Pin It” button.

Your settings are now in two different locations. (Account & Profile. Profile being that pencil icon in the lower corner.)

And a few other minor details.

If you’re like me, you probably won’t be using the Pinterest Embed Feature. At least not now, in it’s present format.

As far as I can tell, this new format is just Pinterest getting on board the bandwagon of how to drive people to their site/service, much like when you embed Tweets from Twitter, or get comment emails from Facebook… that used to tell you what the comment was or where it was, but now, you get a link telling you to go see it. (Nice way to inflate traffic numbers!)

I think, in the end, the majority of users will be fine. And hey, with the embedding process, as it is now, is decidedly an interesting way to let or show people your Pinterest account.

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