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HEY! There’s a show on Animal Planet I just discovered called PIT BULLS and PAROLEES. It’s about a rescue org who helps parolees and saves pit bulls, all at the same time.

Pit Bulls and Parolees on Animal Planet

Since I’m all about helping out innocent victims of humanity, aka, dogs, cats etc., I thought I’d toss out some info here about the show.

The title of the show is exactly as it sounds, about an organization focused on helping two poorly maligned classes of society… pit bulls and parolees. Pit bulls just get a bad rep from all the horrible media that generates TV ratings. My own experiences with pit bulls is that they’re pretty sweet animals. (The ones that haven’t been tortured by a-hole dog fighters and egotistical snits.)

And the woman who owns the rescue org, Tia Torres, gives parolees the chances they also need to get back into the world outside of prison. She started the program at the behest of her husband, as he explained to her how hard it is for parolees to integrate back into the work life.

Her company, Villalobos Rescue Center, was originally in the Southern California (Aqua Dulce) region for 18 years, then moved to Southern Louisiana and New Mexico, for various reasons.

Dealing with the new rules and regs in CA was getting tough, so she moved her ‘lifer’ dogs to a 50 acre ranch in New Mexico. (Lifer: old or unadoptable.) She moved the rescue/adoption part of the facility to New Orleans.

She focused on New Orleans because of what she calls leftovers from Katrina. Meaning stray dogs. It seems there’s a glut of strays that erupted after Katrina.

On Animal Planet’s Pit Bulls and Parolees, we watch Tia and her crew rescue and adopt out various animals.

I watched a few episodes during a recent TV marathon and found the show pretty touching. They help rescue abandoned pit bulls, saving them from some simple and some horrible situations. (It’s amazing what people do to animals sometimes. It’s disgusting.)

And in the background of each episode, we also get a taste of what it takes to maintain a rescue organization like this. (Like costing $40k a month to operate!)

We watch them interview potential new adopters and other such stages of animal rescue.

Pit Bulls and Parolees on Animal Planet… Saturday nights. It’s real people saving dogs in real need. Check it out and see what you think!

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Zelda January 1, 2014 at 4:37 pm

I too got hooked this December. They are all real heroes, straight shooters, none of the overdramatic stuff from “reality” shows – this is the real deal. And those dogs are all so sweet. You fall in love with everyone & every animal, even the adopters are beautiful to watch. Kudos to the crew in the background for keeping it all so real and helping all the humans to be comfortable enough to be themselves. A class act.

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