Plastic Bag Ban in San Jose, And Now Costumers Get Charged for Paper Bags

by on January 2, 2012

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Consumer Bits on Brusimm 200w logo, [Consumer News, advice and reviews]In an interesting state of developments, starting January 1st, 2012, a plastic bag ban is going into effect in different parts of the Bay Area. Specifically, in the city of San Jose, CA.

The plastic bag ban is angling towards keeping plastic bags out of the environment because there are many lazy people who can’t dispose of their own trash repsonsibly.

Now the rest of us pay for it. The dog owners who use them to scoop, people who use them as trash bags, etc., etc..

But along with the ban of plastic bags, it seems that now that you don’t have any options, stores are going to charge their customers money for using the paper bag option.

Which seems odd… since my presumption is that part of my cost of purchasing a product from a store involves paying them for their supply costs and store labor.

But now consumers are being charged an extra ten cents for something that’s part of their bill.

That does not seem right, that’s for sure.

The ten cent charge has been initiated to convince shoppers to not use paper bags, since the last effort to drive people away from plastic just saw major shifts to paper. Duh.

But what I want to know is, have all retailers reduced their prices accordingly with this new fee to pay for their supplies or are we being double tapped to pay for them?

Of course this ten cents a bag thing, I wonder how much of an impact this will have on low-income families? I know ten cents doesn’t sound like much, but sometimes a dollar can go a lot farther than you think.

There’s also the argument against this plastic bag ban because the folks who work in the industry of making them will be put out of a job. And this is a miserable time for that to happen, with the job market as it is in this economy.

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