“Please Enable Google Apps Location Access” on Droid

by on April 25, 2013

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An update has come out for my Verizon Motorola Droid X Android OS phone!

Do you need to turn on your Google apps location access setting on your Droid?  Read on, I’ll show you how in a bit.

The other day, my Google Android phone updated itself to Android version 4.1.2.  And along with this update, is the subtle message that your choices, settings and preferences don’t really matter.  Or at least it felt that way as I spent the next few days resetting settings and preferences that were smite during the update.

Right off the bat, a few things were apparent that changed.

After the update, later that night, I saw all these update notices scrolling across my phone’s screen. It took me back a moment. It seems that all my mobile apps modified themselves to “Auto Update,” despite what I previously had them set to.

I set my apps to manual update. Most of the time updates only seem to install more insidious ads!

But that’s not the half of it.

The other thing I had noticed after the update was my location on my Google Maps app was not working.

Up until the update, I was able to get a general idea of where on the map I was because my phone was either pinging off of a cell phone tower, a wireless network or GPS. 90% of the time my GPS is off, so it used to work off of the towers and networks mostly.

But walla, after the update, maps would not show me my location. Instead, it would say “Please Enable Google Apps location access.” Eh?

Turns out that in order for my map app to show me where I am, I have to give all Google Apps permission to access my location to see where I am at on this one app.

Most won’t care, but I have to ask, why does my checkers game or bowling game need to know where I’m at? Why can’t I control my apps the way I want? Eh, I guess it’s not in the cards. And seems to go along with other projects Google is endeavoring on.

So how do you enable Google Apps location access? It’s easy, once you figure out the tricky path to the process.

  • Go to Settings,
  • Accounts,
  • Google,
  • Location Settings,
  • Turn “Let Google Apps access your location” to ON.

(I love the part that says Google apps may access my location, even if I’m not using them.)

For me, this worked like it used to, without GPS on.  For more accuracy, crank up the GPS setting.  It’s pretty awesome.

I’m not big on how Google is creeping into every aspect of our online lives, from mobile, to blogging, to search engine rank manipulation. It’s crazy, but Google is stepping up big, on many fronts.  And here, in the movies, we were worried about Skynet!  LOL.

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