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by on August 22, 2017

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Plex, A new option for cord-cutters?

It seems with every few months, someone else is offering up a way to spend money on yet another streaming service. If they had their way about it, Xfinity, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, Hulu, YouTube, CBS, Warner Brothers, AT&T and a slew of others would all want you to fork out bucks to watch all their “exclusive” cable or streaming content channels. They don’t seem to get that we’re all on a budget here!

But according to various sources, Plex could be an interesting new alternative for what they call cord-cutters, those who are dissing the cable TV products that are always offered up to the world.

To some degree, cord-cutters are those that don’t like paying bucks per month when they clould just as easily just pay for a season of a show to stream or on DVD/BD. That way, they only pay for what they want to watch, plus they end up not getting that fantastic, louder-than-booms TV advertising process many of us dislike.

Cord cutters on Amazon. No, literally, cord cutting gear!

Supposedly, instead of that base rate of $35 a month for a cable subscription, Plex gives you the ability to watch live TV on any internet-connected device. How that works is that with Plex, you end up setting up your own Plex server (A digital TV tuner card) in your basement, connect a TV tuner, and can then stream that TV to anywhere in the world.

The trick is, there are a lot more free channels out there in the world than you might be led to believe.

And all this costs, for Plex, is $5 a month.

Even after paying the bucks for a TV tuner card upfront, overall, Plex can be the less expensive alternative over the long run. And to be honest, that “long” run could be in as little as a few months.

Initially, Plex only worked with Android TV and iOS apps, but Plex kmows that they have and they are working on more products.

Tuner Cards on Amazon.

For many, this may be a great new alternative. The tuner cards I spoke of might seem complicated to some, but if you do your research about these cards, you’ll see that it is just another add-on to a desktop or laptop or what not.  If you can get past that hurdle, you’ll find you have quite a few options to pick from for what you might be considering doing.

Here’s my google link to  Google search for Tuner Cards, if you want more info.

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