POKEMON GO And Saving Battery Juice

by on July 31, 2016

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Pokemon Go Tips

IF you are one of the millions who have downloaded and started playing Pokemon Go, then you have discovered how battery-sapping the game can be. The cell phone industry, specifically, the battery makers must be loving this latest trend, as folks are trying to figure out how to stay out in the field longer while chasing the elusive Pokemon.

Be it as it may, I have figured out a few ways to slow down the burning off of your battery levels while playing Pokemon Go, from power save mode, using earbuds, turning off your camera and using a Chromebook.

My first Pokemon GO trick involves enabling the power saving mode.

What this does is that when you turn your phone upside down, it darkens the screen, thus, saving some juice in keeping the screen lit. But don’t leave it upside down indefinitely, as this seems to kick in the phone’s actual screen saver mode, and thus, turns the game off from its active mode.

In conjunction with turning the phone upside down, if you use earbuds with your phone, you can hear the various events that go on in the game. Each Pokestop, or wild Pokemon that appears has its own distinct sound effect. If you know your sounds, this means you don’t need to look down at your phone that often.

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So using earbuds with an upside down phone will save a little bit of battery and make playing the game a little safer for you everyone around you.

Disable AR mode in Pokemon GO

Another nice trick to help save your battery while playing Pokemon Go is to turn off the AR mode that shows you your real surroundings while playing the game.

Using the camera function on a phone can suck the life out of the battery. The AR mode uses your camera to show you the wild Pokemon transposed on the world.

If you turn off your AR mode, you will then only see the wild creature on a white background screen.

Use your Google Chromebook as a battery

I have a small Google Chromebook I use when I am out and about. Even though it’s not a power horse of a charger, it does charge my phone via the USB port, when it is closed.

Admittedly, PG still kills the phone battery even when plugged into my Chromebook, but the inevitable battery drainage is slowed a bit. And I have noticed that when I use normal apps like my Kindle or Gmail app, that the Chromebook still does charge the battery in a positive direction. So there’s a little something.

That’s all I have for ya at the moment gang. But at least now, you might be able to play Pokemon Go just a little bit safer if you can actually look where you’re going now.

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