POKEMON GO Tips, For Players And Non-Players Alike

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Pokemon Go Tips

This latest rage of a game, Pokemon Go, has captured the imagination of millions. When I walk out into the local park and neighborhood, so many people can be seen chasing Pokemon. It’s amazing! I’ve seen people come together, parents playing with their kids and even how everyone is out getting accidental exercise!

But this engaging new interactive, electronic version of Pokemon has its ups and downs associated with it.

People aren’t looking where they’re going. They’re walking off cliffs and driving their cars into things. These kinds of behavioral distractions can be dangerous for everyone, including the non-players.

You could call this a type of Darwinism.

So my advice for non-players is to be extra vigilant for folks with their heads down in their phones, when they’re walking or I guess, even in they’re driving.

For the players themselves, below are some “Pokemon Go” tips that I’ve collected for my own gaming.

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Tips For Playing Pokemon Go.

Here we go…

-Walking around and picking up Poke balls gives you experience points. Keep walking. It’s good for you on many levels. Walking helps hatch eggs too.

-As you walk and gain XP (Experience Levels), better things come out of those Pokestops or Poke ball dispensers. Plus bigger and better critters start showing up.

Don’t spin the Pokestop? They say that you don’t have to spin the disc, that just hitting the ‘X’ will automatically give you what’s there to be had. I do a quick starter spin then hit the ‘X.’

How you catch a Pokemon can get you extra points.

First time throw/catch gets you 10 extra XP. Long throws seem to get you 10XP. Curve balls also get you extra points, but how you throw one is curious at best because when I don’t follow those instructions, I still sometimes get points for curve balls.

Keep collecting the same Pokemon over and over. Each one comes with its own supply of Pokecandy and stardust. You can use these creature-specific candies to help power up and evolve the stronger critters when the time comes.

I’ve seen it said to not waste your stardust to evolve Pokemon, but rather, collect those candies because those are specific to each creature and use those. Then after the evolution, to use the stardust. Using the stardust and candies in Power UP boosts CP and HP numbers.

Once you get an incubator and an egg, put that incubator to use. Incubation occurs as you walk. So the sooner you put an egg in one, the sooner you’ll hatch it. Hatching an egg can get you 200 or 500XP, depending on the egg.

Claims are that the 5 and 10k eggs net you the better hatchings, but a hatch is a hatch, and there’s always points with them.

Despite catching the same Pokemon over and over, you will still get XP. And catching new versions will get you 500xp.

The screen in the lower right that shows Pokemon, is called the ‘Nearby’ screen or tracker.  Initially it used footprints under the Pokemon to tell you how far away it is. But that wasn’t working. But Niantic has ‘updated’ that function. Originally the tracker showed you creatures within 100 meters of your location, in order of distance from you. The latest update (as of 7-30-26) shows you creatures within 75 meters of your location. That search space was just cut in half to 15,300 square meter radius. Some are suggesting that the tracker window no longer shows the creatures in any specific order, but it’s not been proven yet.

Some Pokemon only come out at night, some, early morning.

-I’ve also noticed that there are some locations (around where I live) that produce some good critters. Every day. There’s this one road corner that produces NICE critters when I go by. So keep track.

Throwing the Poke Ball:

Press and flick. It’s that simple. Except, the longer you press on the ball, the smaller that target circle gets on the Pokemon, and the smaller the circle, the better the chance to catch it.

There are different types of Poke balls, but those come as you level up. And they become useful because there are some animals that are very hard to catch, even when you nail them with a ball.

If you miss your throw and you’re in a hurry, you can tap the ball on the ground to ‘pick it up’ sooner than waiting for the game to return it to you.

-If a Poke Stop has fluttering leaves under it, that means someone has released a lure there, so there will be more Pokemon showing up around it.  In my experience, one seems to show up about every five-ish minutes or so.

Saving the battery: If you have turned on the battery saver option, you can turn your phone upside down and it will turn the screen off. If you don’t do that, you’ll definitely burn through battery pretty fast.

If your vibrate mode does not work like mine doesn’t, you can always use ear plugs and listen for the different chime sounds. That means you don’t need to keep looking down at your smartphone while saving battery.

Turning off your camera (AR) option will also save you tons of battery. If it is off, the Pokemon shows up on a white screen and throwing Poke balls at the critter on a white screen is visually easier to deal with.

Incubating Poke Eggs

If you lock your screen, the app will stop. Meaning that if you lock it and walk, you won’t be getting credit for distance walked for those incubating eggs.

Keep an eye on your eggs. I don’t know if it was one of those many server eff ups or me, but I walked for some distance and suddenly when I checked on my eggs, one was gone. My journal made no mention of a hatched egg, etc., etc.. So I lost an egg! I think.

Oh, and driving does not work for incubating eggs…

SAFETY FEATURE: Yes, use your headphones/earplugs. That way you can keep looking where you’re walking and avoid walking off cliffs, into cars, off curbs, etc..

-As you pick up things, you might notice you’ve picked up some incense. This is bait that will bring Pokemon to you, no matter where you are.

Evolving works better than potions and such for healing. But you end up with so many of the healing things that I don’t know which would really work better.

Dispensing incense lasts 30 minutes. This is a great little thing to use if say, it’s bedtime and you need that last surge of catches. The last time I used this, laying in bed, I had a creature show up around every five minutes and half of them were new creatures.

ALSO, using incense draws in creatures that are not in that ‘nearby’ display in the lower right and it doesn’t seem to pull those noted creatures to you. At least not in the case that I tried it.

Tactical Use of Incense: I’d almost suggest NOT using incense during peak use times, like around noon time or what not. Whatever servers I use tend to crash. Two days in a row I lost a lot of Incense time to a locked up app.

Use the incense and toss out that Lucky Egg, which will net you guaranteed bonuses on those catches.

And/or, you can also evolve your Pokemon during a ‘Lucky Egg’ session, also netting you bonuses for your evolution session.

How Do You Use That Lure?

Have you tried time and time again to use the Lure you have in your possession, but you keep getting told you can’t use that here?

You need to find a stop with one a white pill looking space above the spinning disc. Then you can use it. But beware, when you use it, it will benefit everyone around you. I’d find a remote location to use it if you can. Hog them all to yourself. (I haven’t proven or disproven that if one person captures a creature, that everyone else loses out on it.) In fact, I’ve seen people at different levels around me not see what I’m seeing and the other way around.

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Pokemon Go Easter Eggs

You can force a special kind of evolution from Eevee.

If you name it Pyro, it evolves into Flareon.
Rainer -> Vaporeon,
Sparky -> Jolteon.

OH, if you ever do something cool, like this Eevee evolution trick, make sure you exit the game so your change commits to their servers. Because you know, how bulletproof their servers are!

There seem to be a large number of Hitmonlees around where Bruce Lee is buried up in Seattle. (As if that’s going to do anyone not near there any good.)

Chansey can be found around hospitals, pharmacies and such. They are supposedly rare, but I snagged one a few weeks ago but I was was nowhere near any of these facilities. There was an urgent care about a mile away, but I’m not sure if that’s what they mean.


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