Polar Storm on Syfy Channel, A Review of Sorts

by on December 11, 2010

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Jack Coleman in Polar Storm on Syfy ChannelI am in the midst of watching Polar Storm on the Syfy Channel. For a Syfy Channel movie, this is not a bad movie for a Saturday night! Really!

Polar Storm is written and directed by Paul Ziller (Stonehenge Apocalypse, Ice Quake) & co-written by Jason Bourque (Artic Storm).

Polar Storm stars Jack Coleman, Holly Dignard (Whistler), Tyler Johnston, Roger Cross and more. If you think these names sound familiar, they are. Jack Coleman starred as Noah Bennet in Heroes & you’ve probably seen Roger Cross in 24, The L Word, The Gates or on the silver screen in The Chronicles of Riddick.

Basically Polar Storm is about an event where a comet passes very close to the Earth and it messes up the Earth’s magnetic fields. The magnetic fields start to shift and a lot of smaller, magnetic anomalies start to form and wreak havoc around the world.

Jack Coleman plays Dr. James Mayfield, who’s ideas about magnetic events don’t seem to have much merit with the scientific community. That is, until all hell breaks loose!

Compared to other Syfy Channel movies, Polar Storm moves along at a natural pace with decent story development and the special effects are not so horrible to be distracting like some other Syfy movies we’ve seen.

Remember, I’m not comparing it to Inception. So when you think I’m bonkers when I call a Syfy movie “not bad,” don’t worry, I haven’t totally lost it. I’m comparing apples to apples.

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