Potential Cast of The X-FILES Reboot

by on April 1, 2015

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The X-Files NewsDid you guys read or see the bit about who will be showing up on the X-Files limited series reboot that is showing up on Fox.

As you all know David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will be reprising their roles in this new version.

But according to a TV spot that Duchovny was being interviewed in, he claims that Walter Skinner and The Smoking Man are also coming back.

Now if that was true, that would be pretty cool.

But according to sources who know, the only contracts that are in place right now are with Duchovny, Anderson and Chris Carter.

But I bet that since they’re going with the original core cast, that it is a fair possibility the will gather up Mitch Pileggi and William B. Davis. That would be awesome and maybe not… depending how well or poorly they aged.

But here’s the interesting question.

How will they manage to portray the smoking man? Maybe he quit many years ago. If I remember correctly, back when the series ended, we left the smoking man in a cabin up in the mountains, preparing to meet his maker due to cancer.

I could be wrong on the mental recall.

But the problem is, in case you had not noticed, smoking can’t be shown on broadcast TV these days. And hence my theory on the challenge of bringing back the smoking man, if they do.

Just saying

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