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by on September 15, 2010

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Precision Automotive in Palo Alto

This consumer service review comes about from an extremely excellent experience I’ve had with an automotive shop called Precision Automotive Service Inc. Check out my experience.

I had just received word from a Bay Area CheckBook highly rated automotive mechanic on El Camino Real in Menlo Park that my #6 engine cylinder had coolant in it and that I would need to replace my head gasket, get my engine head cover re-machined and a few other this’s and thats that would cost me close to $2500. Having been exposed to the mechanic’s world when I worked for Honda some years back, it seemed fishy with all the work that this highly rated mechanic shop wanted to do, so using the Bay Area Checkbook website, I found myself a 2nd opinion. That second opinion came from

Precision Automotive Service located at
439 Lambert Avenue; Palo Alto, CA; 94306-2220;
(650) 493-7877.

Precision Automotive found fluid, but in the No. 1, not 6 cylinder. They also took note that my 10-year-old spark plugs were badly worn down from the years and a few plug wires on my truck were also worn down from wear and tear.

To address my leaking cylinder head, they approached it in a different method and when all was said and done, the initial cost for working the cylinder head leak came to just under $84! After the tune up, wire replacement work and what not, the total bill, with $200 for labor, came to $500. It seems that this time, I avoided dropping the fine chunk of $2500 problem from the other shop. I did the additional tune-up as my way of saying thanks and giving Precision Automotive my business. Plus what the heck, after 10 years, sure, that stuff needed to be tossed out and replaced.

House Calls?:

I can’t say this is any kind of standard operating procedure for any shop I’ve ever visited, but I arrived at the shop the day my truck was done, picked it up and charged home the 4 miles. I wanted to get on with my day. When I was pulling into my driveway I noticed that my oil gauge was flat (showing zero pressure) and my oil warning light (an oil can shape) was lit up.

I literally crapped my pants when I saw that.

I called Precision Automotive to inquire about this new scenario and what the man did was say that he did not want me driving it if indeed there is no oil in the engine. He asked for my address and within the hour he was in my driveway checking on my engine.

Did you see that? He showed concerned for my vehicle and made a house call. I’ve never seen that before in my life!

It turned out to be the oil sensor under the engine and he remedied the issue and things were good. And he did all this in the most pleasant of attitudes, with nary a frown.

As far as I’m concerned, no matter what happens with the cheaper attempted fix at my “fluid in the cylinder” scenario, Precision Automotive in Palo Alto just made a life long fan/customer from trying to approach the scenario from the easier direction first, not jamming me up with excessive & unnecessary work and making the house call cemented the deal for me.

If you want an honest opinion, a less costly alternative and quality care, I’d recommend Precision Automotive.

Precision Automotive Service located at
439 Lambert Avenue; Palo Alto, CA; 94306-2220;
(650) 493-7877.

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