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by on July 9, 2010

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Cinema Static Reviews Predators: Predators does not disapoint the franchise at all and I don’t think any fan of the franchise will be disappointed. Check out my movie review below, and it’s with minimal, if any spoilers:

I too have been checking out the movie reviews of Predators and I went into the theater not too worried, but with just enough reservation to protect my fragile state of “Fan’s-Mind!”

First and foremost, Predators is a sequel and not a reboot. That is made clear to us and that made the experience that much better knowing they were extending the franchise and not restarting it. (I’m getting tired of reboots. Move the story on people!) Second, I’ve seen reviews noting the gore in the movie. I’m not a fan of gore, but the gore was done well. The movie was finally given an “R” rating for “strong creature violence and gore, and pervasive language.” OK, there is some language. We do tend to cuss when under the gun… or shoulder blaster. Sure, the creatures were causing the violence. That’s expected. But the gore, to me, wasn’t fountains of blood spurting gore, though there are moments! I’d put it on par with the first Predator movie. Maybe a tick more but not by much.

The movie starts out in adrenaline mode and I loved how it did it. I call it a rude awakening! As the movie moves through it’s paces, it is awesome to see how everyone meets and how they deal with their adversity of where they find themselves.

The predator dogs are totally awesome, the story is incredibly reminiscent of the first 2 Predator movies. Though you will probably find your memories and references gravitating towards the first Predator movie.

In fact the first movie is referenced nicely and there is no mention or reference of AVP, though as Laurence Fishburne’s character puts it, “You wouldn’t believe the sh** they drop in here.” I took that to include any and all types of alien prey, including our favorite Alien with acid blood, but that’s for another day.

I loved the characters. They were perfectly played by each actor. I liked the entire ensemble of actors too and hated it when their time lines ended. I would have enjoyed seeing the entire group survive, but then again, it wouldn’t be Predators if that happened!

Adrien Brody completely convinced me of his role… I was worried, but I’m here to say don’t. I will now willingly go see him in any future ass-kicking movies after this.

Topher Grace fit into the realm of the movie perfectly and then some as he brings some… well, you’ll see. Alice Braga, Walton Goggins, Oleg Taktarov, Laurence Fishburne, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali and Danny Trejo played their roles perfectly. Some as typically as you might have expected, others, a bit outside what I’m used to. When all was said and done, there were no oddball, stick out in the crowd characters.

And I didn’t know what to expect for the closing, movie-ending scene, but I thought it was almost perfect. Frustrating, but perfect.

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If you’re a Predator franchise fan, GO SEE Predators! If you’re a monster movie fan, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all. Just be sure to try hard enough to not get side-tracked into thinking to yourself that you’ve seen this already with Arnie. I think there will be some parallels that can’t be avoided, but they did it nicely, with how and what they did.

If you go see it, come on back and let me know what you thought!! Now, where’s the next Predators movie? I can’t wait!

Oh! PS: One thing I liked, was that the preview trailers that are all out there, are not all in the movie. Damn, I love that. Sometimes it’s distracting thinking, oh, here’s that scene, I thought. Or, where’s this other scene? Well, I found myself thinking both those thoughts and others.

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