Pro Tec Disappoints: The Tale of the Lost Knee Cap & Iffy Customer Support

by on December 29, 2012

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Consumer Awareness and Product ReviewSome time back, I had purchased a pair of Pro Tec Gel Force knee support sleeves.

This was in July of 2012 and this is my updated consumer experience with those knee braces.

As far as I am was concerned, they’ve been one of the best knee supports I’ve ever used/worn.  I was impressed with the product and I was happy because nothing else seemed to work as well for me as these knee supports. The part I really enjoyed was that the patella knee cap support was not a hard rubber piece, but a soft gel shape.  It was very comfortable and felt very supportive.

With these knee supports on, and a combination of other factors, I’ve been setting one PR (personal record) after another over the last few months.

I’ve washed them before… but for the life of me, I couldn’t tell you how. Did I use cold water, hand wash, I don’t remember.  And there’s no warnings on the product or at the website for the product. So the other day, (12/17/12), I was washing a load of running gear and tossed them in there with their brethren of sorts.


Oh was I in for one heck of a surprise.

When I tossed the knee braces in the load, I had looked on them for washing instructions or warnings and did not see any.  So I tossed away and lit up the load.  When it was done, I pulled them out because I was going to air dry the braces, but lo-and-behold, something was horribly awry.

For whence I had started with two pieces, I now had four.

The soft gel knee cap brace donuts that were mounted inside my braces had come off/out during the wash.  Apparently they’re glued or stickied into the knee support sleeves and not permanently sewn in and attached, like I’ve seen other knee braces constructed.

Pro-Tec Gel Force Knee Sleeve Consumer Product ReviewThis irritated me because I really need these braces for my running and I immediately emailed the customer support of Pro Tec.  I emailed Pro Tec on Monday (12/17), and to this date, 12/29/12, I have yet to hear back from the company.

Up until this moment, I’ve been a fervent support of Pro Tec products.  But this unnerved me.  This was not a cheap venture to buy a pair of these.

So I’m waiting for a reply to my inquiry about the Pro Tec Gel Force knee support…  I want to see what they say.

I’m a bit disappointed that Pro Tec has not replied or even acknowledged my inquiry.  For the moment, it seems product sales come first, and customer support, a very lacking second!  That’s a bummer!


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