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by on August 9, 2012

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Pro-Tec Gel Force Knee Sleeve Consumer Product ReviewThis is a consumer product review based on the Pro-Tec Gel Force Knee Sleeve/Brace.

For the last eighteen months or so, I’ve been having a situation with my knees.  First was “Movie Goers Knee” or “Jumpers Knee” that turned into knee surgery.  When I recovered from the surgery, I got back to running.  But both knees have been mildly problematic.  Nothing serious, but something that makes me feel like it warrants a knee brace.

I’ve been needing knee straps for many years.  But of late, I started using knee supports more since my surgery.  Now I’m recouping from shoulder surgery so I had a bit of a running setback again.  (I got hit by an old lady in her car while on my bike)  No biggie.

But I’ve had the opportunity to try various knee supports.  A lot of knee supports.  And a few weeks back, I believe I have found my final knee support in the Pro-Tec Gel Force Knee Brace.

Most knee braces just feel like they tighten up the knee area, or, wrap it up.  That makes sense and there’s nothing against that.  All my previous knee braces have helped but this one makes my leg feel like it works better.

Pro-Tec Gel Force Knee Brace reviewCompared to some knee braces, the knee cap support is usually a plastic or hard rubber tube that goes under your knee cap.  This brace has a less obtrusive doughnut of gel that encircles your knee cap but doesn’t force into it.

The material is set up to stretch in what Pro-Tech Athletics calls a 4way stretch, which provides compression while still allowing you your leg’s full range of motion.

It’s also, as they pitch it, a light and breathable fabric.  I can attest to that.

What I found fascinating was that the brace seems to give my knee a pretty light feeling, like I’m not dragging it any more but rather, it’s ready to keep me going.  It’s an odd feeling because I’ve never had a brace have my leg feel like it used to before my surgery.

It’s pretty awesome if you ask me.  It’s a unique and well designed brace that felt superior to other braces from the moment I put it on.

At least, let me say, that the Pro-Tec Gel Force Knee Sleeve worked for me.  In fact, now, I can’t wait to charge out the door Saturday morning!  And now-a-days, I tend to favor the PT product.

If you’re curious or interested:  [Pro-Tec Athletics Gel Force Knee Sleeve  on Amazon]

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