Product Review: Photon Micro-Light II

by on September 7, 2009

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Another one of Bruce’s product reviews, but with a warning! Mother always said don’t look into the Sun. I am going to add, don’t look directly at a Photon Micro-Light II either!

The other day I picked up the Personal Flashlight Photon Micro-Light II. It is an LED Flashlight that comes in various colors. I’ve seen red, blue, green and purple shades offered. Where I was at, I saw them offered in blue and white. I stayed conventional and picked up the white one.

It’s tiny as all get out, so it’s easy to carry. In fact, until I attach it to my keychain or some other larger item, I might consider it way too small to just drop in my pocket. It’s roughly the size of a quarter.

And yes, it’s bright. In fact as I suggested in my opening sentence, I’d strongly recommend to not ever look straight down the light beam at it. It scares me.

I tested it on a walk and I could illuminate buildings and trees across the street. No, it wasn’t the kind of illumination where you had to convince yourself the item was illuminated. There was no question. In fact I had to turn it off in a panic when I illuminated a set of apartment windows. I didn’t want them thinking the police were coming!

I love the technology of led lights. Many of our products are starting to use led light tech. They generate a ton of light without the intense heat. And something like this takes advantage of the limited use of power and yet, still generate massive light. The product claim is that this light is visible for over one mile and I tend to believe it after my test.

The activation of the light can happen in 2 ways. Squeezing the really large button, or using a slide switch to keep it on. The slide switch could be easier to use but the insta-on press button makes up for that.

Where am I going to use this beast? Walking me dog at night for one. When I pick up poop, I can hold it in my teeth and do my civic duty of poop pick up. (I just wish more dog owners would be as responsible!) I could even use it to crawl around in my motor. Day or night. Yep, it’s that bright. There’s all kind of purposes this bright beacon of mini-light can be used for. It would also make one dynamo of a torch light if you needed it camping.

If you’re looking for a decent little emergency light, or something that’s a quick on – off type light, this is for you.

On their website, they say the following:

Used by NASA shuttle crews, US Military & the US Secret Service, the Photon II has proven to be among the toughest, most reliable LED micro-lights available.

I hope it stays reliable for a long time because it looks like it might be a challenge, not impossible, to change the battery if it ever needs to be changed.

I’ve seen this product priced at various levels. From a silly $16 down to $7. I picked mine up in an REI store for $10 bucks. It was an impulse buy while I was looking around for some sports clothing in REI and kept me from looking over the knives. Plus, if you don’t know, you get some cash back from REI at the end of the year from anything you buy if you’re an REI member… so realistically, I probably spent $9 on it.

So if you’re looking for a flashlight, and happen upon one of these little beasts and are not adverse to the size or shape, I’d recommend it for sure. If you’re prone to losing small things, attach your keyring. The light comes with a qaulity attaching clip of its own. I don’t think you can go wrong with this led flashlight at all.

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