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by on November 16, 2012

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After a few years of patience from this indie movie fan, writer/director Michael Chance premiered his indie short concept movie project, called Project Arbiter, in Campbell, CA on Thursday, 11/15/12.

I met Michael via David Bettencourt during a film festival in San Jose in December of 2009.   I was completely taken by Mike’s short film in that festival, titled The Reason.  Later when Mike and Dave wanted to sit down and chat with me a few months later about a new film project of Mike’s, I was pretty excited.

And since that day in early 2010, I and a few thousand other fans and supporters have had to “suffer” and wait while tormented via website and Facebook updates from Mike.  Or in my case, with also a few buggering emails.

We all knew how capable Mike was with his projects… his attention to detail, his vision and the intelligent path he chooses to pursue to get his projects done.  When he showed me his production art notebook back in April of 2010, I was already hooked and anxious to see the finished product.  As were his many fans.


Project Arbiter at Comic Con

We’ve been tempted and teased as we followed his updates.  Some of us even met up and joined him and his team with their viral campaign at Comic-Con.  (David Bettencourt was totally awesome with the bullhorn as he warned people about Mixture 9!)

And we finally got to see the finished product.

Project Arbiter was pretty much what I expected it to be.  But that 20 minutes went by way too quickly!  And I don’t know about you, but when time flies in a movie, I’m thoroughly enjoying myself.

Unlike Mike’s previous project, The Reason, Project Arbiter was loaded with a large cast of characters and an array of vehicles, weapons and CGI.

In the 20 minutes of the movie, we were introduced to the good guys, the bad guys, the victims and a surprise issue that wasn’t revealed in any of the marketing.  (And I ain’t spilling the beans here either.)

And yes, it was pretty much what the fans and supporters were hoping for.

Mike didn’t have a ton of time to flesh out every character we encounter, but he hits critical points with each in the short amount of time he spends with them.

And Mike… I hate cliffhangers.  Seriously.

But PA is a concept short film with hopes by Mike to find the right backing to make a full-feature length movie.

Project Arbiter 20-min indie short film

Then the movie event had a unique feature with it, where we were treated to a “Making of” feature following the film.   (I found this extra to be a nice bit and I would love to see more movies with extras after the credits!)

PA was filmed around the Bay Area region and was put together by the shear dedication of the cast and crew.  And I joined over 200 fans, friends, cast and crew of Project Arbiter.

Michael Chance wrote and directed, Vicki de Mey produced, David Bettencourt co-produced.

As noted earlier, Michael Chance hopes to land a feature-film deal with this effort.  Project Arbiter will also be submitted to film festivals and Michael said at the premiere that they’ll be releasing a version of the film online sometime early next year.

Then you can see what I just saw last night.


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Donna Brodsky December 4, 2012 at 8:51 am

I was hooked from the teaser trailer a couple of years ago and have followed the progress of “Project Arbiter” patiently. It’s been a smart campaign and I, too, attended the premiere. The film DID go by way too quickly. Love the production value of the film. It was eye candy for this old gal. I will put my “patience” hat on once more while I rabidly await the feature length film. It’s a great sci-fi twist on WWII you won’t see coming!

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