‘Project Arbiter’ Newest Teaser Trailer from Michael Chance [7-20-11]

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If you might recall, I’ve been hovering over the indie short film, Project Arbiter, since before March of 2010.  I was introduced to the film creators work back in 2009 and that’s when Michael Chance‘s work snagged my imagination.


Project Arbiter is a 20-minute concept film that was shot on a RED One camera system.

It takes place in 1943 during WWII and we follow an experimental O.S.S. unit whose code name is Project Arbiter while they infiltrate a mysterious villa in Poland and uncover the mysteries within that villa, and the discovery that launches a story.

It’s a movie that blends the reality of World War II with sci-fi and the creator/director wants to have folks see the film as an untold story from the war that based mostly on the potential of the reality of it.

PROJECT ARBITER indie film movie poster

Or, rather than me trying to spell out what I know, here’s how they put it,

{ Project Arbiter is a sci-fi espionage story that demonstrates how a small quiet victory tips the balance of power and foretells the outcome of World War II. }


Project Arbiter comes from the mind of Michael Chance and if you’ve become a Chance fan via his other short-film work, you know the man stands for quality and makes sure he gets it done right the first time.  His attention to detail, the extensive outline of the project he showed me more than a year ago, made me feel like I was looking at the next Spielberg, Howard or Nolan.

He’s called this film his concept film.  Tron: Legacy started out as a concept short film, if that gives you any idea of where this movie can go.  And behind the concept of this short film is the idea of a trilogy of films.  Yes, from that first moment when Michael’s imagination was sparked by that coal miners mask, this is where we are now!

PROJECT ARBITER Concept Art by Robert Simons

PROJECT ARBITER Concept Art by Robert Simons

Michael, with producer Vicki de Mey, cinematographer Jason Beckwith, production designer Traci Hays, suit designer Robert Simons and many more talented folks behind the scenes, the latest movie trailer for Project Arbiter has arrived…

Project Arbiter indie movie - Michael Chance and Vicki de Mey

Oh, and yes, that’s their little PA mini-fig in the pic!

Project Arbiter minifig - Orrange

What I want to treat you to now is the progression of movie trailers.  The first trailer shown is, well, their first movie trailer for the concept film, followed by their newest movie trailer that came out this morning.  And as I’m sure we’re all aware, Chance fans know it’s going to be awesome.

So take a look at these trailers and tell me you don’t think this isn’t going to be an awesome premise from the get-go!

Movie Trailer No. 1

Project Arbiter Movie Trailer No. 2

Oh, and keep a look out for the Arbiter suit at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con.  They’ll be there on Saturday, looking for… well, you’ll see.  Keep your eyes peeled!

For now we just have to be patient and wait to see when we get to see the entirety of the concept, known as Project Arbiter.

[Project Arbiter website]

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