Project Arbiter Now In Another Dimension of Reality: Collectibles & Tee-Shirts!

by on November 30, 2010

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This is an SoB exclusive: First look at the never-before seen Lego based Project Arbiter Minifigs. (And a look at a very very cool tee-shirt!)
Project Arbiter Whats My Motivation

Project Arbiter, from the mind of Michael Chance, is a story set in 1943 during WWII about an experimental O.S.S. unit that finds a prototype battle suit. A battle suit that can render the user invisible. It’s a 20+ minute short indie film, that in my opinion, when finished sometime in early 2011, will kick some butt when all is said and done.

Project Arbiter Concept Art by Robert Simons

In the meantime, Michael Chance & staff are doing some final touches with post-processing of Project Arbiter. Just today they announced that they have brought Ryan Leach (Skinning, A Way with Murder, The Dark Knight, Bee Movie. TV: Cold Case, Close to Home.) on board as the official composer for Project Arbiter.

Despite the project coming together as they work on their dialog editing, sound design, final mix and other such bits, Michael is really excited about one aspect of the movie that is more about the collectible aspect than the production: The Project Arbiter Custom Minifig, from Amazing Armory.

Project Arbiter Minifig Design concept art

But don’t be fooled by the potential “cute” factor… he comes ready for trouble:

Project Arbtier minifig - JasBrick

Project Arbiter minifig - Orrange

But at the end of the day, he’s just another friendly Project Arbiter Minifig!

Project Arbiter minifig - Hazel_5

And here are the proud parents, Project Arbiter creator Michael Chance and producer Vicki de Mey, with the little star (Photo by Bruce Simmons):

Project Arbiter indie movie - Michael Chance and Vicki de Mey


Since we’re chatting about Project Arbiter merchandise, Michael brought me this totally cool tee-shirt:

Project Arbiter tee-shirt by Chris Chance

I teased you with it a while back while wearing this super cool Project Arbiter tee-shirt and posting an exclusive first look at the Project Artbiter Minifig! Coolness does not begin to describe it. The tee-shirt design itself was designed by Chris Chance. (No, not Christopher Chance from Human Target, Chris Chance, the brother of Michael Chance !)

Chris’s clothing company is called IHN Clothing and is based out of the San Jose, CA area. IHN stands for In His Name. It was founded in 2005. Chris’s company statement says “Everything I do is for God’s glory not mine so I do all things InHisName.” http://ihnclothing. The tee-shirts were provided via donation from Ash Tees.

But if you’re interested in the Minifig, here is where you may be able to purchase the little guy when he becomes available: (site coming soon)


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