PROJECT ARBITER Update – The Short Indie Film Is Progressing Nicely

by on August 26, 2010

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Back in April 2010, I chatted for a while in my exclusive interview with Michael Chance about his indie sci fi film, Project Arbiter. In that article, I chatted about other films Michael had put together, a little bit about Michael himself, and how a mere coal miner’s mask inspired his idea for Project Arbiter. It’s here in our chat and my article that we learn that Project Arbiter is a premise that takes popular culture and gels it with historical culture.

Michael Chance - PROJECT ARBITER creator

Michael Chance

Since then, the team of Michael Chance (Writer / Director), Vicki De Mey (Producer) and Dave Bettencourt, (Co-Producer) headed to Los Angeles and held auditions. In May, production kicked in at locations in Northern California. In one shoot, they noted that they “blasted their way through 9 pages of script in 2 days!” That was with 2 “RED One” cameras, over 40 cast and crew and some cool props like a tank, halftracks and of course, a Project Arbiter suit.

They’ve hit up the blue screen part of the project and now they’re in post-production & editing. Dave made note that the first rough cut of Mike’s film had clocked in at 24 minutes, but as of mid-August, the seventh version of the film stands at just under 20 minutes now.

The visual effects team are now doing their magic to the film & they’re preparing a 2nd trailer to tease the rank and file of fans and hopefuls alike.

PROJECT ARBITER Michael Chance Whats My Motivation

Michael Chance (Dir) is demonstrating motivation to Lex Cassar (Arbiter)

I’ve seen Mikes work and it’s damn good at capturing your imagination and presenting a cohesive story in a short time. I’m looking forward to any new trailer they’ll produce and when the film finally comes out. (I’m secretly hoping for a screener. Hint, nudge, nudge guys.)

About Project Arbiter

Project Arbiter is set in 1943 Northern Europe at the height of WWII and is about a special operatives group comprised of the Allies best from both the United States OSS and the British SOE. This group develops a prototype suit that renders its occupant invisible.

Mike Chance (Dir) discussing Heinrich with Bill Charlton / ph: Michele Beckwith

It is not set in an alternate universe, but rather, is historically accurate to the WWII era and is inspired by actual events and/or conspiracy theories like the Philadelphia Experiment, and Nikola Teslas research.

Project Arbiter Thompson Railgun

The Thompson Railgun in Project Arbiter

Project Arbiter is a short film that has aspirations “for something larger.” I can’t wait, and if you know me, you know I don’t get excited about just anything.

Project Arbiter Blog; Project Arbiter Facebook Page

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Bruce Simmons August 31, 2010 at 3:20 pm

As we all have Jacob… but wait, how’s RATON doing? (Saw it last year at the SJ48FP) Any more news?

Jacob August 31, 2010 at 3:13 pm

Can’t wait to see this! I’ve been following it ever since it popped up on i09!

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