Project Artbiter Sci-Fi Movie Short Update

by on January 11, 2011

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Project Arbiter indie movie - Michael Chance and Vicki de Mey

Michael Chance, Vicki de Mey and Project Arbiter minifig! (ph by B. Simmons)

Project Artbiter’s creator, Michael Chance, gave Screen Rant a bit of his time to talk about his 20-minute short sci-fi / WW II film. In the article, Michael talks about how his efforts with Project Arbiter could take him to the next level in film making. He talks about how the story is as much of a character study as it is an action flick.

Project Arbiter Minifig Design concept art

Michael has said this to me in the past and he in the interview he talks about the potential for the short to create a franchise, a trilogy. Michael has already created different aspects that will support his project. The inventory ranges from tee-shirts to Lego mini-figs.

Project Arbiter movie poster smLarger Poster Here

Michael plans ahead and is ready for the next stage. From what I’ve seen, his attention to detail is second-to-none, he’s done his homework and knows what has to be done. He’s a well organized film-maker with a vision. It’s impressive to see him talk about his baby and how much he has laid out in his mind. His eyes shine.

Please go check out the Project Arbiter interview with Michael Chance over at Screen Rant. There are new images from the short included at the article.

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