‘Prometheus’ Movie Could Land Charlize Theron For a Role

by on February 13, 2011

in Entertainment

'Prometheus' from Ridley Scott fan made Movie PosterThe Wrap has confirmed the news that the lovely Charlize Theron is in negotiations for a role in the Ridley Scott project titled Prometheus.

Once her numbers are finalized, she’ll be joining other cast members Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace on the cast of Prometheus.

Prometheus originally started out being referred to as the Alien prequel, but since then, Ridley Scott has put out statements that could lead some to believe this movie could actually not be the acid drooling aliens.

I still think it is.  But that’s just my guess that since there’s been so much anticipatory coverage that they needed to put out a misdirect of a story.  It’s possible that it’s not a prequel, and more about a side-story that delves into what makes up the DNA of the egg-hatching aliens.  Though I’m not sure how that would not then be a prequel, but hey, this is the fun of it.

[The Wrap]

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