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by on June 10, 2012

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'Prometheus' spoiler chat and discussion

Prometheus premiered on Friday, June 8th, 2012 in theaters in the U.S..  It was a pretty decent movie that fully engaged the senses with some great opening scenics while teasing the imagination.  While at the same time, fulfilling curiosities of Alien fans. [movie review]

Way back during the early production phase of Prometheus, word was that it was a prequel to the Alien movie franchise.  Director/producer Ridley Scott later said that this movie took place in the Alien universe, touching on the DNA of the Alien species, but it was not a prequel.

{Below I start to chat freely about the movie, and throughout the piece are potential spoiler images…}

[Mild Spoilers to Follow]

'Prometheus' spoilers - ground transit cockpit - behind the scenes

That alone seemed pretty confusing but it turns out, that the bottom line is that Prometheus is that dirty word for Alien Reboot Movie.  I never saw that coming.  Ridley Scott used Prometheus to reboot the franchise, while still visiting some territory that many movie fans have been curious about over the years, since Alien premiered.

Indeed, it was a satisfying reboot that managed to answer some questions about the franchise but then, created more questions in doing so.  This is if you wish to extrapolate this new movie that far.

At first, I got caught up watching the movie thinking it was a prequel because it was answering so many questions about the xenomorph.  But…

Prometheus takes place in our future but it occurs before the events that “might” take place in the original Alien movies.  And if Prometheus takes place in our future, it invalidates all the story elements from the AVP (Alien vs. Predators) films, since they were taking place in present day and referenced our past.

[Now The Movie  SPOILERS Kick In]

'Prometheus' spoilers - Engineer Cargo Ship concept art

In Prometheus, we learn about the species who was the giant “pilot” or “space jockey” from Alien.  We see the U-shaped cargo ship.  We learn how and why the Alien entity, the xenomorph, came into being.  And we learn why the space jockey’s cargo ship had all those eggs in the cargo hold.

We also learned that no matter what universe we’re in, the Weyland corporation is always looking out for itself, it’s profits and always has an ulterior motive.

Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) was funding the space expedition for Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace), who after finding so many clues on Earth, she generated a decent hypothesis that caught Weyland’s eye.  She deduced that some godlike beings were inviting humanity to come visit them.  Because she also came to believe that they created humanity.  The were our creators, our god(s).  She had a persistent faith in the issue.  She called them The Engineers.

But why the invite?  I don’t get that one, as you’ll see later.

'Promethues' - Infected Crew member tries to return

The movie starts with a scene that for me, was a bit confusing… We watch one of the Engineer species taking something that kills him.  He starts to turn brackish black, starts to fall apart, literally, into the waterfall he’s standing next to.  Spreading throughout that environment.

After a few scenes, we see the Weyland funded space expedition heading to the distant planet/moon called LV-223.  They find a series of domes and inside one of those domes, is quite the treasure trove of answers.  Answers that we mere humans did not need to know about.  (Not the same planet!  In Alien, they went to LV-426)

The trip is funded by an aging and near-death Peter Weyland, who is looking to figure out how to cheat death.

Space Jockey from Alien

They find the species we’ve come to know as the space jockey*, and Shaw discovers that their DNA is a match to ours, proving her theory/faith that they did indeed populate Earth with us.  They called them “The Engineers.”  (Maybe that was that first scene…  one of them distributed their DNA into our water, starting our species.)

*If you remember from Alien, the space jockey looked like he had a trunk for a nose, but in this movie, it’s their space suit.

What else we discover is that The Engineers did not approve of our existence and they had been creating the black alien species to take to Earth to get rid of us.  We were a mistake and they were going to “fix” that.  But their genetic tinkering went awry and they found their alien creation coming after them on LV-223.

All but one died or were killed by their alien creation.

'Prometheus' - David Android

Of course, during the story, David (Michael Fassbender), the Weyland android, is there to “help.”  But he has an ulterior motive set by Peter Weyland.  As evidenced by how, after arriving on the planet, David knows how to operate control panels in the alien dome and keeps saying “Sorry” when the humans grumble about it.  Later, David intentionally infects Shaw’s partner, Charlie (Logan Marshall-Green).  Pretty soon after that Shaw and Charlie have relations.  That is NOT a good thing, because he infects/impregnates her with something.  She has to use a medical device to cut it out of herself since it’s growing like a weed inside her.

After Weyland discovers and awakens the one final, living Engineer.  David speaks to him in his language and then our “creator” kills everyone within reach and cranks up the ship to continue the mission to smite Earth’s population.  The humans stop the ship, but at the cost of everyone’s life except Shaw and David.

The Engineer survives the wreck, goes after Shaw, but ends up being attacked by the creature Shaw had cut out of herself earlier.  It infects the Engineer and hatches an alien that looks very close to what we know from the classic franchise.

And hence, we now have the germination of the Alien we’ve all known and love!

'Prometheus' Engineer suits by necaonline

AND AS IF the Engineer trying to kill her wasn’t enough for her, Shaw convinces what’s left of David (the Engineer tore his head off in that attack of the group) to help her pilot one of the other Engineer ships to their home galaxy because she still wants to meet her creators.  That is one serious idiot, but it’s a great ending point to launch a sequel from.


Issues and Appreciations

I had a few issues with the film but nothing major.  It was, all in all, a great movie.  With that said…  I did notice how reckless these top-tier scientists were when handling new discoveries and taking what seemed like some reckless risks.  The head they found and reanimating it, tinkering with the eggs, letting the group get split up.  But these are all classic symptoms of setting up a for a great set of film disasters, in preparation of killing off most of the cast.

Even though this was an alternate origins or reboot of the Alien movie franchise, there was a lot in there that helped answer (I presume) many curiosities about the original franchise.  Plus, conceivably, it could set up for the xenomorphs we all know and “love.”  Prometheus takes place in 2093 while Alien in 2122, so there’s plenty of time for things to develop.  Or not.

'Prometheus' spoilers - Engineer Cargo Hold

We’re left with the perfect movie ending…  the story itself was resolved but we are left with possibilities for the movie fan to ponder.  Shaw heads off into deeper space pursuing her creators.  I presume this to be a suicide mission, but that’s her problem.

Plus, my suspicion that the film is headed in the direction that the franchise has been in was from a huge wall carving in the dome that seemed to look like a mother Alien, like the one we saw in Aliens.  Plus, did the Engineers create these things, or just discover and tinker with them?  That huge wall carving suggests the latter.

So there are all kinds of possibilities that can stem out of Prometheus.

These are just some perceptions of mine and if you’d love to add some different ideas, aspects of suggestions, I’m game for some great, constructive conversation about Prometheus.

Check it out!!! Multiple facilities!!!

prometheus screencap many domes

Alien Beta version!

prometheus screencap alien version 0

prometheus screencap engineer dying in opening scene

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abe June 12, 2014 at 5:53 pm

ive herd through skutle butt from differing sources that the first engineer was a sort of monk in their society. When a plot was formed to destroy earth the monks attacked and destroyed the conspirators, they were the ones chasing the other engineers in the holograms not the bio-weapons. through some super spirituality they are controls the aliens as if the were pets.

Caiohm June 17, 2012 at 5:08 pm

Just sharing my theory: The black fluid in the vessels is something that causes DNA changes on living beings. When the humans come into the room, there is a scene where we can see some tiny worms on the dirt, when someone steps on it with his boots. The fluid leakes to the ground and the worms become the “Beta alien” (it kinda looks like a worm). The same fluid makes the other guy faster and stronger, when David gives this thing for the guy to drink. The infected guy had sex with Shaw, and the thing that comes out of her belly could be the result of his sperm + the black fluid. This thing gets inside the Space Jockey, and mutates again, becoming the almost-alien creature at the end.
I believe this theory fits the whole thing, except for the Mother Alien picture on the wall, suggesting that the Aliens were already known by the Jockeys.

Bruce Simmons June 14, 2012 at 2:16 pm

Bill… I was quietly pondering that bit about flying off into space. I’m going to presume that “engineer” food is edible by us since we have the same DNA.

Ah! Great point on the Ripley/Shaw parallel. Somehow, that didn’t light up in my skull. Good catch.

Bill June 14, 2012 at 12:51 pm

Did anyone catch the lines from the previous films? There were several. Right now the only one I can remember was from “Aliens” when, in the nest below the atmosphere processor, Hicks yelled out to someone (Vasquez?) “We are LEAVING!” I can’t remember who said it in the new movie but it was when the storm was approaching while still in the engineer’s ship, said with the exact same inflections from Aliens. Anyway, I did love the new movie but I am left with a few questions; Why destroy Earth’s population millenia after seeding it? I hope it will be explained in the next film…. on the other hand, those ships on LV223 had obviously been sitting dormant for a looong time so maybe they had planned to cleanse Earth a long time ago…. again, for what reason? I do have to admit that I was a little annoyed with Shaw being able to do physically demanding feats right after having a C-section…. that was a stretch for me. Then, while flying off into space, I had to wonder how long she would survive without any food… whatever. I did find it interesting the parallel of both Shaw and Ripley being “Mothers” to newer versions which shared Alien and Human DNA….. anyway, I’m sure everything will be explained with the next films. Looking forward to it!

Jeff P June 14, 2012 at 5:19 am

That alien that you call ‘Alien Beta version’ is a worm alien. There was a 2 second shot of their footprints when they first entered the room that showed the presence of worms in that room! Those worms got infected once the larvae was released. THAT is why when he cut the worm-alien it regenerated, as worms do when cut!

Mike June 12, 2012 at 8:18 am

It was all so well done, thats just one interpretation. I thought it was funny only because I half expected it. It’s an Alien movie, the engineer isn’t going to enlighten him with infinite knowledge of the cosmos, he’s either going to infect you or tear you to pieces. What is most fascinating is the whole origin of the Alien (hybrid), that it is actually somewhat human. Certainly Weylands computer would know that David8 would do an experiment if it got the chance. That explains why some of the androids later were allowing the Alien to infect crew members, and why WeylandCorp continued to go to such great lengths to acquire the Alien. In Prometheus they crashed their ship into the engineers ship, because it was going to destroy the earth. And in Alien 4 they crash the ship with the aliens on board into the earth to prevent anything from surviving. Parallels that say its definitely a Prequel.

Bruce Simmons June 11, 2012 at 9:48 pm

Mike… I was so caught up with the implications of the scene, that I didn’t quite put those kind of words on that moment… but I love your spin on the moment! LOL… thanks.

Mike June 11, 2012 at 8:57 pm

Wow what an amazing movie! Cinematically stunning and gripping , very well done. Philosophically terrifying especially for those who have never thought about genetic engineering like this before. I felt it was a prequel but also a reboot and well within the limits of believability. There were enough parallels from the other Alien movies. Just like how Alien 4 saved the franchise from Alien 3, Prometheus saved Alien from AVP. There’s no way you can accept the AVP story alongside the Alien series now. I thought the best part of the film was when old Weyland gets backhanded by the Engineer. What do you expect him to do? He wants to restart his failed experiment and parasites come speaking his language. He’s like “Don’t talk to me! I’ll rip your head off!” I found the whole film fascinating and I’ll have to watch it a few more times until it fully sinks in. Shaw was just as badass as Ripley.

Bruce Simmons June 10, 2012 at 10:35 pm

Hey Marco… thanks for your thoughts… as far as the same planet the Nostromo finds, well, I guess that will be up to Ridley Scott and what he ends up doing. He could travel down same, similar or a different path with this reboot.

As far as AVP is concerned, yea… I know. But I love Predator and I like how it’s represented in the first AVP film and I admit that particular one is a guilty pleasure.

I was also a culmination of a very long wait, from when I had first heard about a cross-over back in the mid-80’s that ended up becoming a Predator vs. Alien comic book, then this film.

I do believe Scott is wiping the slate of that ill-gotten chapter with this reboot.

I like that thinking outside the box Marco… but, well…, considering how hostile the Engineer was with our characters, I’m not feelin’ that one.

But hey! My mind is open… and I’m going to try to not be surprised!

Thanks for coming by Marco! -Bruce

Marco White June 10, 2012 at 7:39 pm

“to help her pilot one of the other Engineer ships to their home galaxy because she still wants to meet her creators. That is one serious idiot, but it’s a great ending point to launch a sequel from.” I read it when she said “She wants to meet” she wants answers, but also revenge! She wants answers, but she also wants to “take them out”

I’m not sure if it’s the same planet the Nostromo finds or a different one. The architecture and specific rooms within the dome were the exact same rooms the crew of the Nostromo encountered on their visit. The “engineer” space ship was crashed on the same high ridge. The climate of the planet if somewhat similar.

AVP “Whoared out the Alien creature” in a really bad franchise. It should be burried and forgoten forever. Connectin something of the quality of Alien to Predator is a REALLY bad idea. This is the new part of the original franshise and will be amazing provided Ridley Scott stays at the helm through the next couple of films. Forget AVP.

Like you said….there are so many more questions that have come from this film that answered.

I love the idea of a film that has no closure…..but is well thought out enough that the wait will be VERY rewarding! I hope this is the case. I know I’ll be there on opening day to watch the next one. 🙂

I know this is really out there and is pure speculation, but maybe there is a benevolent reason to get the aliens to earth…..for something that has not happened yet. Maybe it’s a weapon to protect us from something else. Maybe the “engineers” are lacky’s for some other race of beings… The thing I like about a movie like this that poses so many more questions is that it opens it up to a lively debate and gets the imagination going!

When the “engineer” dies at the beginning of the movie is he on earth or on the Alien planet? They look quite a bit alike in many ways save the presence of water….maybe there was water on the alien world 2,000 years before.

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