Prowl on Syfy, A TV Review

by on November 12, 2011

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Perdita Weeks, Courtney Hope, Ruta Gedmintas, Joshua Bowman and Jamie Blackley in PROWL

The other day I caught the TV movie Prowl (a 2010 movie) on the Syfy channel. If you can imagine a group of teens being kidnapped, stuck in a semi trailer, and then a game of half-naked “truth or dare” breaks out, well, that’s one telling aspect of this movie I caught on Syfy today, called Prowl.

Then there’s the fact that it’s filmed for the home entertainment market and they’re not shy in spitting out profanity. Hence, your dia____ is ___ing split up so that you can’t ____ing have a f____ng decent sen___ce.

I think sometimes, moviemakers have to keep in mind that just about everything, no matter how bad, makes it to TV.

Prowl stars Ruta Gedmintas (The Borgias), Joshua Bowman (Revenge, Make It or Break It), Perdita Weeks (Upcoming Titanic TV Series???), Jamie Blackley (Snow White and the Huntsman), and others in a movie directed by Patrik Syversen.

Prowl is basically about a group of kids kidnapped and dumped in a warehouse to be hunted on by monsters of the night. Vampires I presume. It’s their practice zone!

There’s lots of screaming, lots of blanked out words, some shaky cam work and some clearly stiff cinematography, helping this fine project of a movie make its way onto the home entertainment market. Oh, and there’s a really long build up to when they get kidnapped. A build up not necessarily needed if they’re all going to die, but there you have it.

Perdita Weeks, Courtney Hope and Ruta Gedmintas in PROWL

And once the action starts, there’s a point where you can tell the either the director or cinematographer are trying to get artsy with some of the scenes. But then, you have to put it into perspective. Thinking there might have be something better on the tube I took a few minutes during a commercial to cruise the pay channel movies. I came across Starship Troopers 3… (yea… that was about as good of an idea as a vampire hiding in a silver mine!) and so back to Prowl I went.

I find it quite amazing that when it boiled down to the toe girls (oops, did I spoil something?), that they sure seemed to be able to survive rather well on their own, even when one of them got all tough and threatened a vamp on her own.

They also definitely made up for what seemed like an amazing lack of fight choreography by having our stars grunt, scream, throw punches, but then jerk the camera violently.

Near the end though, is an interesting twist of the “chase and eat” tale called Prowl, that that had me actually paying attention, albeit, with only 15 minutes left.


And that’s how I passed a few minutes on a Friday afternoon in front of my TV, watching the Syfy channel or something while doing my laundry. (Maybe I should start a TV Laundry Review section!?)

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