Quick Recap of “The Voice” Season 2 Premiere

by on February 7, 2012

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'The Voice' on NBCThe Voice is back for a second season. It’s the show where the judges only listen to singers without seeing them. It removes the eye-candy factor. And the judges are pretty awesome: Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera. Last year one of the parts of the show I liked was how the coaches got up on stage and showed us WHY they’re where they’re at, on the show.

The other thing I like about The Voice is how even when the contestants aren’t picked, they’re humble and appreciative, unlike another unmentioned series where some of the participants get a wee bit snippy… to say the least.

The first thing I missed was the judges putting on a performance like they did last year… I had found that fascinating and made it stand out from American Idol. But not to worry… it’s just the post-Super Bowl episode. On the bright side, the friendly coach janter is still there, maybe a bit more than last year now that The Voice is an established hit. Adam Levine is bantering with MORE of the, “I won last year” banter.

Let’s see how the first two nights went for the singing competition:

Jesse Campbell had three votes within the first few notes… Blake followed later. It was on him who to pick for a coach. He chose Christina because he said she was the first person to come to mind. How could she not… she’s “busting out” of her dress.

Juliet Sims came out with a raspy, rocker girl sound. She almost sounded like a Joan Jett. Cee Lo and Adam nailed their buttons first. Then Christina. After all the sales pitches from the coaches, Juliet picked Cee Lo. I thought Adam would have been a good fit for her, but hey!

Chris Mann… wow… He came out belting a wonderful opera piece (I think!). Cee Lo jumped on this one first. Then Christina. Cee Lo called his audition beautiful. Chris picked Christina, and I think that will be a good match.

Tony Lucca (ex-mousketeer) came out for his blind audition. The question in the air was if Christina would recognize his voice from back in the day when they worked together in the ranks of the Mousketeers. Adam hit his button first, followed shortly by Christina. Then Blake. And then Cee Lo fell to the sound of Tony. Now, it will be up to him as he survives the banter between judges. Tony ended up picking Adam… and said nothing about knowing Christina. He was very mature about it. Then, as he was leaving, Christina figured it out and went to say hi to Tony backstage.


Night Two of The Voice

Monday night’s episode of The Voice brought more blind auditions. But first, that which makes The Voice stand out above the rest of the reality competition

The night opened with the judges cranking out some Prince hits. This is what I like about this show… the judges get up and put out for the fans. This is what makes it stand out from the other shows.

First up for blind auditions, Haley and Leland… a pair. Blake turned around before hearing her… then the rest of the judges turned around. So the judge begging began! LOL. They picked Christina.

Jamar Rogers, the volunteer & ex-meth user, was next. During his performance, his personal favorite, Cee Lo, hit his button. Too cool. And Jamar was pretty jazzed, literally hoping around on the stage. This was a touching audition.

Gwen Sebastian… a country singer who put family plans on hold, started out and after a while, Blake turned…. then Cee Lo, then Adam. Blake was so upset. But after the chats, and some teasing, she picked Blake. A good pairing.

The 50-year old Kim Yarbrough tackled that stage, belting out her choice of song. Adam and Christina turned around. After the coach banter, Kim picked Adam. His first team member. Finally!

Staff Sgt Angie Johnson was up next. Be nice to her, she could kick your butt! LOL. She’s in a singing unit in the military and at one performance, she was recorded, and it was put up on YouTube. It went viral and someone suggested she check out Carson Daly’s website to get to The Voice. The rest is history. She cranked out Heartbreaker for the judges. Cee Lo turned first, but no one else did. Cee Lo got another team member.

Then Lindsey Pavao came up… she was worried about nerves, but Christina turned pretty quick. Then Cee Lo. And Blake. Lindsey sounded so much like Senya from last season. After the coaching sales pitches, Lindsey picked Christina.

Jermaine Paul.. .was a backup vocalist for Alicia Keys and wants to break out on his own. Cee Lo turned first during his audition. Then Blake. When all was done, Jermaine grilled the judges! He had stage game! He chose Blake… surprised me. Cee Lo turned pretty early and I thought he might go with him.

Angel Taylor, with a troubled past, was up next. Soft and whispery with power is how she sounded to me. Adam turned first and early. Then Blake, then Cee Lo. She picked Adam after an entertaining banter between the coaches.


We’re off to a good start for the season…

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