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Here’s a quickie set of movie reviews for two movies, Thor: The Dark World and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. A quick review is something where I’m sure you may not have or want to spend a ton of time on a web page, so I get right to the meat of the premise and hit you with my final thoughts… as quickly as I can.

Basically, I tell you if you want to drop bucks on a movie or not.

Here we go…

Review of Thor: The Dark World

Chris Hemsworth in Thor The Dark World

The magic of Thor The Dark World, starring Chris Hemsworth, is that there’s already a developed sense of story and belonging, now that we have the first Thor movie out, plus some continuation of Thor’s story in The Avengers.

Because of that, most movies that come after The Avengers is seen as a sequel or continuation of that Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Quite a brilliant plan if you ask me.)

Because we now have continuity with this movie world, Thor 2 was more enjoyable for me than the first movie.
(The first movie I went and saw in pure support of Marvel’s developing movie universe. At first I was meh, not bad. Not enthused. But after Avengers, the film seemed to hold more merit for me.)

Thor 2 takes place a year after the events in The Avengers and we follow the evil intentions of Malekith and the use of the Aether. (Which is considered an Infinity Gem.)

We see how Jane (Natalie Portman) and her little gang has been doing, as well as how Loki is holding up in his Asgardian prison.

Thor battles Malekith to save the universe and all nine realms. (Malekith has huge aspirations of making the entire universe a dark place to live) With a new director, we were treated to a few new aspects of this world of Thor and they were fun to see.

In a word, I didn’t walk out of the theater thinking I wasted my money or time. I saw it in 2D and I don’t think I missed anything in the translation or visual experience. (3D has it’s place and time of fun, but not as a regular movie experience. It’s still too pricey.)

If you like absorbing yourself into a story, you’ll find yourself rooting, wondering and worrying, along with a shock or two along the way this story tells.

Movie Review Popcorn Score 08If I paid 3D prices, I’d give this a popcorn 7, but upon thinking on it, I’d settle with popcorn-8 movie score.

If you don’t see it in theaters but are interested in the Thor title franchise, this is definitely a must rent or must buy title.

Oh… there are TWO scenes in the credits. One soon after the credits start and one after the credits end. And I can’t SAY anything about the first credit. If you’re thinking of looking them up before seeing the movie, CAVEAT EMPTOR! (BEWARE.) I looked up a website that declared end-credits spoilers, (which to me, meant they were going to divulge details from just the end credits) but they led with info that completely destroyed a story point from the middle act of the movie. (And they don’t think they did anything wrong when I pointed it out to them. Meh! My own fault for trusting.)

– – –

Review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Catching Fire is dominating the box office, and without the padded benefit of over-priced 3D movie tickets. That alone should say something about the film.

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and more return to reprise their roles in the second of four Hunger Games movies, and in a word, they don’t disappoint.

Catching Fire takes place about a year after events in The Hunger Games, as Katniss and Peeta partake in the required Victor’s Tour of Panem.

But as the tour progresses, Katniss is starts to notice that her small act of defiance in last years’ games seem to be starting some unrest. And President Snow (Donald Sutherland) is taking measures, drastic measures, to stop this unrest in its tracks.

And having a special Hunger Games designed to eliminate Katniss is one of them.

Now that we are familiar with the world of Panem, the Capitol and the Districts that make up this world, this sequel with its new director, can move forward in telling and furthering the story of Katniss, her world, her friends and family and what she represents in it all.

I like how we got to see much more of what makes characters like Haymitch and Effie tick. We got to see more of the inner workings of many characters, bringing this world to light even more so than the first movie. Sometimes we got to see too much of even the evil characters plotting…

Sidenote: I’m a bit tired of the article titles like “What Catching Fire Does to Fix The Hunger Games” or some such noise.

Each movie holds its own, in different ways. The first one showed us a lot while introducing Katniss, Peeta and such. While the sequel continues their story, and shows us much more of this world, and succinctly introduces many new characters and elements to this world.

Movie Review Popcorn Score 09All in all, despite being 146 minutes, that was the perfect amount of time to tell the story of this 2nd chapter of the Hunger Games franchise.

I did not waste my money or time and I’d be willing to give The Hunger Games: Catching Fire a popcorn-9 movie score.

Simple as that.

Go enjoy!

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