Quickie Recap and TV Review of Syfy’s Lost Girl

by on January 16, 2012

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LOST GIRL premiering on Syfy

This is a quick TV review and recap of the series premiere (and season premiere) of Lost Girl on the Syfy channel

In the first 25 minutes (that includes ad time) of the season premiere of Lost Girl, we learn that our main character does not know what she is, she kills by kissing, she coerces humans via touch, there are two groups of meta-humans or creatures that seem to control what these entities do in their neighborhoods or regions or what ever.

They are called Fay…

We also get an EYE-FULL of close-ups of legs, butt, more leg and more butt. Yea, this guy is hooked for the moment. I see why this show could be popular, even if it does spell everything out in the first 25 minutes.

Normally, when a show spills out a ton of stuff without viewer engagement tends to worry me. And by the halfway mark, we know almost everything.

By the end of the episode, I think we know everything we need to know about the lead character and franchise.

Zoie Palmer & Anna Silk in 'Lost Girl'

Normally, this spells trouble for a show, but this first episode has an established feel to it. More so than some new shows. If that makes sense. Some shows, the cast seem tense in their roles, but everyone here seems comfortable already.

There’s also a few words of language in the dialog, so beware if you have kids in the house watching it after… the s* word and a*hole words were tossed out there.


The cast includes Anna Silk as Bo, the Succubus, Kris Holden-Ried, Ksenia Solo & Richard Howland. There is also a surprising list of actors that pass through the series… Aaron Ashmore, Emmanuelle Vaugier.

The story moved fast and established many facets of the franchise in this series premiere of Lost Girl. The primary character seemed awful flippant, even when her life was in danger.

The language was refreshing to encounter because I wasn’t expecting that on Syfy. It was like a mature series you might encounter on AMC, but too much fell into place too quickly.

But does Syfy have a hit on its hands? Maybe.

This show has already proven itself in the three seasons that it has aired in Canada. But since it moved so fast showing us what is to be had in Lost Girl, what else could there be to develop with the characters? I guess we’ll see how it does and how the TV viewers tolerate it.

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