R.I.P. Ronald Neame, You’ll Be Missed

by on June 21, 2010

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Last Wednesday, 6th 2010, Ronald Neame died from complications resulting from a fall he took.  He was 99 and this is a personal loss for myself.

Some of Ronald Neame’s credits included:

  • 1979’s Meteor,
  • 1974’s The Odessa File,
  • 1972’s The Poseidon Adventure,
  • 1969’s The Pride of Miss Jean Brodie,
  • 1956’s The Man Who Never Was,
  • 1948’s Oliver Twist.

His latest appearance was in 2007 on the TV mini-series documentary titled British Film Forever.  He will be sorely missed.  If you knew the man, you knew how generous and patient he was, while still delivering dry-witted observational opinion.

I picked up a habit from Ronald that I employ most days, (sans taking in the view).

A Personal Loss for Myself & Tidbit

At the end of the day, as the sun started to set, he’d get himself a nightcap, go out onto his patio and leaning on the railing, would enjoy that day ending nightcap while taking in the view of the city from his Hollywood Hills home.

He never said much during those moments, but just stared out over the wonderful view his home afforded him.  I count myself lucky to have been able to spend some time with Ron on that patio.

Oddly, there was much wisdom to be gleaned from those moments of retrospective silence.  For me, he led with example.

Take care Ronnie and try not to direct too much “up there!”  They already have a working system in-place.

Take a moment, say thanks and take a look at what he contributed to the world of film:  Ronald Neame on IMDb

Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by his passing, from Bruce at Cinema Static on Brusimm.


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