Recap of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Episode 10 – Crucifixed, Indeed!

by on November 15, 2012

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Sons of Anarchy Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, Charlie Hunnam and Mark Boone in Crucifixed pThings were coming along hot and heavy in this 90-minute episode of Sons of Anarchy this week, titled “Crucifixed.”

And the title seems to describe situations for a few of our beloved characters.  And I can’t decide which character situation is more important to focus on and what Jax has up his sleeve.

Pickle Juice

Well, at least Jax realizes that the bylaws about the heritage of the motorcycle club members needs to be amended.  But I’m not sure what good that will do.

Juice is in a pickle from all sides.  The sheriff didn’t rat him out, but by letting Jax know there was a snake at his table, Eli might as well have told.  Now Juice is under the gun by Jax.  But Clay knows too and I’m waiting for him to manipulate that situation.

But now that Jax knows, he’s trying use Juice to find incriminating evidence on Clay that will link him to the Nomad home invasions.  He tells Juice if he does this, things will be right.

But then Jax makes plans with Chibs and Munson on how to deal with Juice, but doesn’t tell them what he has cooking with Juice.

All the while, despite his possibly getting the dirt on Clay via Juice, he still lets Gemma move forward with her own situation with getting “back in bed” with Clay.


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Jax has the mayor of Charming under his thumb and is looking to pull in Pope to be an investor for the mayor’s little pet project.  But I forgot that Jax still has a promise to fulfill in delivering Tig to him.

Pipe Cleaning!

And speaking of revenge, the man who wielded the pipe in the killing of Opie, got out of jail.  SAMCRO follows him, but sadly, this killer is being protected by the Grim Bastards club.  And he’s the cousin of the leader, T.O. Cross.

They make promises between each other to keep this killer alive, but Jax ends up killing him and as far as I know, this could very well destroy the 20-year relationship between the clubs.  (I’m hoping he was the cousin nobody liked!)

Otto Plot

Then there’s Otto and Tara.  Holy crap.  Did NOT see that coming.  Otto has been manipulating Tara to the point of having her bring him a small crucifix necklace and through various moments, ends up killing a nurse in the prison.

This in turn, nullifies his testimony in the RICO case against SAMCRO, but will more than likely implicate Tara in the murder since she provided the weapon.

I did not see him killing someone as an option, but rather, since the death of his wife, he’s wanted to kill himself, or so I thought.

This is a fascinating story line.

And what the hell is up with Tara.

OK, last week, we end the episode with her seeming to get off on the smell of Otto’s wife’s perfume.  This week, she won’t wake up the baby, but makes a noise in the baby’s room that does rouse it, and then she picks him up.


And by episode’s end, Jax says he won’t let her get implicated in the murder Otto pulled off with her help.  (I’m not sure how he thinks he can do this.)  But as she staggers off down the hallway, again, I’m thinking, if she were loony, that’s the perfect loony stagger.

What’s up with her?

What’s up with Jax?

He’s playing everyone against everyone in every possible scheme, all in the hopes of making clean break from the club?  It’s now that I think he’s realizing how convoluted this gavel wielding position at the head of the table can really be.

And with only a few episodes left, I expect it’s going to get even dirtier for him.  Especially as Clay starts lining up his own ducks in a row, or trying to, in asking the Cartel/feds for protection, mind-plucking Juice, and now, thinking Gemma is getting back in with him and he tells her he can’t taking losing her a second time.  (None of that will pan out well, I’m sure of it.)


I am hoping that all the promises and manipulating that Jax is doing, is in some evil perpetuity to kill off Pope.  I can only hope, or he’ll be giving up Tig.

This is going in who knows what direction and we had no word from Nero in this episode.  He’s basically a good guy who doesn’t deserve the heartache that looks like is coming his way.

If I read it correctly, next week’s episode is also a 90-minute spot of fun.  (This 90-minute episode of Sons of Anarchy went by way too fast!)

See ya then.


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