RED, A Cinema Static PPV Movie Review

by on March 4, 2011

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RED is called an action comedy and stars Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Karl Urban & Morgan Freeman.

RED (Retried & Extremely Dangerous) is written by Jon & Erich Hoeber (Whiteout) and directed by Robert Schwentke (The Time Traverler’s Wife).

The movie starts out watching Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) going through his daily, boring routine. You can feel the doldrums dripping from his routine, but it is what he does. And how boring it must be, seeing as how he’s a retired black-ops agent. Retired? Sorry, no one retires from black-ops, just goes dark and off-mission.

But his life is so boring that he tears up his retirement checks and calls the company to be able to talk to a certain operator… Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker). They’ve developed a sort of relationship from all their phone conversations.

Then one day, masked men show up to ‘off’ Frank, but they miss, he wins and we have a few dead contract hitters. But it’s just not about Frank. His telephone conversations with Sarah hit keywords that the contract killers were interested in and they latch onto hunting her down.

All this stemming from a job he did back in the 80’s and the government seems to be after him and several other folks that were on the same “job.”

Those other folks include the LSD tested Boggs (Malkovich), Victoria (Mirren) & Matheson (Freeman).

Bruce Willis and Karl Urban in RED

They’re all being chased by the ever-efficient agent William Cooper (Urban).

I think that RED is a fun movie, where the kick-ass retired agents show that they all still do have it. Remember folks, it’s all about the balance and timing. Everything else is bonus! Plus the movie had a bit more depth for me when Summit Entertainment provided the prequel comics to Cinema Static and I had more character back story coming into the project.

It’s not a hyper-paced action film but more of a methodical, well trained piece of action that is, for lack of a better term, paced to show that you don’t have to be lightning fast to get the job done. You just have to have great timing, great aim and know where to hit a guy best, to make it count.

RED is a fun bit of time that I think is well worth the rental and if you’re a fan of any of these stars, I can’t imagine not adding this title to your collection. It’s Bruce Willis, doing what he does best and that’s kick butt. He’s classic.

RED Movie Trailer

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Where are we going to see the stars of RED next?

Bruce Willis has several projects in production: Die Hard 5, Looper, Ten, Lay the Favorite, Setup, The Cold Light of Day & Catch .44. He’s a busy man.

Mary-Louise Parker is presently filming Les Passages.

John Malkovich can be next seen in Transformers Dark of the Moon, and is producing two other movies… Young Adult, Perks of Being a Wallflower. I like Mr. Malkovich in front of the camera. He has a crazy presence… I wonder what he brings to the creative side of the production camera?

Helen Mirren will be next seen in Arthur and The Door.

Karl Urban, ah, Mr. Urban! He’s going to be in the upcoming action fests Dredd (Judge Dredd remake) and Priest. I loved Mr. Urban when I saw his role in The Chronicles of Riddick and I’ve been a fan ever since. I love the range he brings to the screen, from Riddick to the quirky Dr. McCoy in J.J. Abrams Star Trek. He really nailed the doc in that one!

Morgan Freeman can be seen in the following three films: The Dark Knight Rises, The Third Act & Dolphin Tale.


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