Red Bull Is Skydiving From Space? You Have To Check This Out!

by on July 26, 2012

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Felix Baumgartner & the Red Bull Stratos jumpRed Bull sponsors money into some crazy stunts and this is no different!

Yes, you read right. Red Bull is sponsoring Felix Baumgartner in his attempt to set a record for a freefall skydive. Baumgartner will be doing this crazy stunt from 120,000 feet up… 23 miles if you must do the math.

It’s part of the Red Bull Stratos project which is referred to as the mission to the edge of space.

He’s already pulled off a practice jump from just under 97,000 feet. In that jump, he got up to just over 500 mph while falling towards his target of Roswell, NM. And here I thought stumbling and falling to the ground was nuts!

If things go according to some scientific estimations, Baumgartner, from his 120,000 foot sky dive, could attain speeds of just under 700 mph. Or to put it in other terms, break the sound barrier with just his body. That is, if the force of gravity isn’t met with an equal force of resistance, meaning, airflow over Felix’s body.

Of course for this crazy guy to accomplish this, a custom pressurized suit had to be built in addition to the special balloon capsule that is needed to get Felix to his chosen height.

Felix Baumgartner Red Bull Stratos jump

I was watching the CGI promo (below) effort and I was just sitting, amazed, putting myself in his shoes and wondering exactly how that would feel, to be in this small capsule being lifted to some crazy altitude. All so I can jump out of it.




Here are some links I’m providing if you want to check out more info on this incredible endeavor!

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