Reflecting on The Hunger Games: The Books, The Movie, The Sequels

by on January 13, 2012

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Here we sit, waiting patiently… and yet itching to write something about The Hunger Games. So here goes, where I went digging around and found some info on the movie, from the purchasing of the book rights, a potential reshoot going on, and who might be working on the sequel, if there is one.


The Hunger Games movie poster

Did you know that Lionsgate purchased the rights to Suzanne Collins book trilogy, The Hunger Games, in 2009? It would seem to have been an educated gamble on their part.

When Lionsgate dropped their gamble on the book series, The Hunger Games had sold only about 50,000 copies. Since then, the movie hoopla has generated quite the bankroll for the book series… it’s sold more than 12 million copies since then.

That’s good for everyone, across the board.

The attention given the book series has helped sell the books. Word of mouth, I’m sure, has helped a good chunk of those sales.

A friend of mine recommended the series to me and when I picked up the books, for the first time in my life, that I can remember, I couldn’t put the books down. And I’m a hard fan to please. It motivated an excited book review of The Hunger Games out of me.

Here’s the beauty of this whole combination of events… Lionsgate buys rights, book sells like hot-cakes. Now there are 12 million folks out there that could be all potential movie-goers out there.

That’s an estimated $96M payday for Lionsgate, whose spent about $100M on production… but of course, filming in North Carolina, they got a tax credit, so their cost was only $80M.

(Hence, why Iron Man 3 production is headed there.)

I myself can’t wait for this Jennifer Lawrence starring action-fantasy movie. The movie previews look like they’re following the first book pretty closely.

The Hunger Games movie still - training time

Every single thing in the first movie trailer for The Hunger Games should look familiar to the book fans. I sort of pick the trailer apart explaining each scene… the book series fans will see what I’m saying.

As the time for the movie to open in theaters draws near, March 23rd, folks, or fans are getting excited and the estimation is that this title has grown from beyond the youth reading audience to fans of all ages now.

Reshoot In The Works?

Right now, there’s a bit of a fervor about the production company sending out casting calls to the Los Angeles region for various roles. The casting call went out specifically for SAG members only. Not an open casting call.

The casting call was for athletes, soldiers, 13-16 year-old boy, 65+ year old man, a male hand model, an older lady and a 6-12 year-old girl. Filming will be taking place January 20th to 22nd.

Different sites were conjecturing if this was a reshoot or possible filming for the next movie. Well, there might be another possibility…

Though I like the idea of a reshoot, I wonder if they’re not shooting some kind of extra scene that might be a preview of upcoming moments from the remaining and upcoming three films, if they get that far.

I could be wrong, but since director Gary Ross said in an interview with the LA Times that he’s begun working on the sequel with Suzanne Collins and screenplay writer Simon Beaufoy… not filming, but working on the script.

So Director Ross is probably going to be involved with the sequel.

Fans Are Anticipating The Movie

Everywhere you read, everyone is saying that The Hunger Games is the most anticipated movie of 2012.

I’m sure it’s anticipated by the book fans, and fans of the various cast members, but once it comes and goes, then what? Will there be no movie beyond this one that we anticipate?

It does seem to be an overly used term by just about every marketing think-tank out there. But then, after The Hunger Games, there will be Joss Whedon’s The Avengers on 5-12. Then Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man in July, etc., etc..

But that’s getting ahead of things.

Next weekend we have new movies The Iron Lady and Contraband, then the weekend after, Underworld: Awakening and Haywire.


Yes, The Hunger Games is a highly anticipated movie by this website guy right now!

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